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PhotoHunt: Old

Old is relative, of course, and some things that Americans think are old are modern when compared to the European timeline.

So here are some old photographs of Venice, all taken in the late-19th century which makes them over 100 years old, which isn't old at all in terms of the history of Venice but IS old in the history of photography. (You can click on the photos to see larger sizes).

Some of you will recognize this vera da pozzo (well-head) - no longer in use today but still there for us to admire.


Pigeons swarming a child - a sight I've seen in Venice myself!


Thanks for visiting and have a good weekend.

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These are so cool and you're right, in the grand scheme of things 100 years is nothing, but it does seem so long ago. My home was built in 1929 and I think of it as very old, but in Europe it would be still quite young compared with places that are many centuries old. :) Happy photo hunting and weekend!


For those who don't, the well-head is the one in Campo SS Giovanni e Paolo, and the gondola with the felze is on Rio di San Trovaso.

Thanks Bert, you were quick! I knew that you'd know the well. Do you know what it says around the bottom of it?

These old photographs are wonderful. Good point about relative ages. I know when I've been to Europe that is one of the things that has stood out for me. The fact that what's old in America is relatively recent in so much of the world.


Wonderful old photos.

We should protect those historical old building to keep and teach our next generation.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, these old photos of Venice are so cool. I love seeing how places looked like way back when. I am amazed that the woman by the well head carried all those buckets of water. I love your take on this week's theme.

Have a wonderful weekend.

now I'm curious! What does it say? I never noticed it.
Great pictures. I love the one taken from Ponte de le Maravegie. One of my favorite spots!!

Daniel, I'm curious too. In the photo it looks like it says "LATEX" but I know that can't be right, LOL.


Here are some more photos but I haven't been able to get a translation.


Beautiful old shots!! I lived in a place founded in 1140 in Germany, I was very impressed!
Happy weekend.

beautiful old photos but the last shot gets my vote.

I think the translation from Latin to French is at the top of the page:

"Mira silex mirusque latex qui flumina vincit"

"Merveilleuse pierre et encore plus merveilleuse cette eau, meilleure que celle des fleuves"

My Latin is nonexistent, but my French tells me something like:

Wonderful stone and even more wonderful this water, better than that of the rivers.

Isn't it poetic!! What a find Annie!
A thousand thanks.


Thank you Daniel. It is very poetic and I'm so glad to know what it says.

Bert gave us more info about the well too (see below).

Cheers, Annie


Hi Annie --

Have you taken photos of the same places in Venice? This being Venice, I get the feeling that they still exist, making that possible... ;b

Wow ! these are terrific pictures, nothing has changed except maybe more people in the streets !


The wellhead used to be in the courtyard of the Palazzo Corner della Ca' Grande (near San Maurizio). It was moved to Campo SS Giovanni e Paolo in 1825.
The inscription reads: MIRA SILEX MIRUSQUE LATEX QUI FLUMINA VINCIT, which appears to be a quotation from the classical Latin of Claudius Claudianus. I think it means: Wonderful stone and wonderful liquid that overcomes rivers. I don't really understand it. The subject seems to be plural and should take a plural verb, but Claudius probably spoke better Latin than I do.☺


Thank you, Bert! I don't understand it either but I like it. And I'm glad to know what it says. Cheers, Annie


Fabulous photos! I love the sharp contrasts in the first photo. The wellhead may actually say latex...I think that was an old Latin word for liquid or water (?)


I love the pictures!

Intriguing both the photos and the discussion about the inscription. Great choice, A!

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