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The theme for this week's Saturday Photo Hunt is "vintage."

A vintage street sign in Venice with the name of the street (Calle Cappello) carved in stone. There aren't many of these around the city anymore.

Calle Cappello

These days, the street signs in Venice look like this. Not as artistic but easier to read~

street sign

And here's a vintage metal sign pointing the way to the Scuola di San Rocco, which is filled to overflowing with paintings by Tintoretto. These old metal signs directing people to various historic sights have been mostly replaced by signs made out of some modern weather-proof material.


Thanks for visiting and have a good weekend.

See a list of upcoming Saturday Photo Hunting themes on Gattina's website here.


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Comments (15)

Love vintage signs! Here where I live a shop sign needed replacing and when they removed the existing one it revealed an old sweet shop sign circa 1940s was so cool to see, but so sad when it was again recovered with a modern sign. Happy photo hunting! :)

The vintage signs are wonderful and I also like the new one. I enjoy seeing Venice through your eyes.


I always enjoy your images of Venice. It's like a virtual tour. Thanks.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, I love the vintage signs. They have such charm and personality. The classy first photo and the bold powerful red in your last photo. A wonderful photo collection of the vintage and modern signs in Venice.

Have a great weekend.


I like the old and artistic -- but also the practical, be they old or new! ;b

Hopefully one of the stone signs will be saved for posterity.

Beautiful vintage street signs ! Today there is nothing romantic anymore !


I love the vintage signs. Great shots!!


Lovely vintage church!


Great finds, Annie! I especially like the vintage red metal sign. I haven't seen those in Venice, I'll have to watch for one next time I'm there.


Truly Vintage and beautiful too. I love Italy and Venice is so enchanting.

At least they've managed to keep a vintage feel about even the modern street signs.

Argh. Now you've gone and done it. In which of the 3 sestieri (Castello, Dorsoduro or Santa Croce) will I tumble across the Calle Cappello sign!? I have 1 and 1/2 days to look. Thank you for showing us these old signs.


Yvonne, I checked my photos. It's Castello, and I had visited the San Lorenzo cats rights before I took the photo of the old sign. Looks like there's a Ponte Cappello nearby. Cheers, Annie

That is an impressive street sign.

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