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H is for Honor

A lovely neighborhood shrine in Venice. Here's the approach down a narrow calle (street):

Castello 2002

Castello 2002

The plaque underneath the tabernacle says that the residents of this neighborhood erected this shrine in 1958 to honor and remember the victims of war.

There are hundreds of shrines on the streets of Venice, but this one is unique in that they went to the trouble of putting that wallpaper up behind the shrine. It's rather homespun but very sweet.

Castello 2002

Castello 2002

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Comments (16)

I like the homespun look of the wallpaper a lot. Great idea for H day. Carver, ABC Wednesday Team

yes, we need to honor victims

henderson hill

Awesome to see, I will actually be in Venice in a couple of weeks! Great H. Blessings, Debbie

Wat a stark contrast in your second pic: the old buildings, and the modern person coming through! Also love the first pic!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, what a lovely way to honor and remember the victims of war. It is a beautiful shrine and I love the wallpaper that they put up.

Great photos and a wonderful choice for this week's letter.

Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful evening.

great find to honor "H". I will look for it on my next trip.
I think I know where it is.

Very well done shrine.

(Great minds think alike??)

This was going to be the next shrine for my blog. I'll wait a few weeks/months!

I do believe that Castello is rich with many shrines of all kinds. It also has some of the most interesting architectural details. Yay, Castello!

Oddly affecting.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

LOVE, LOVE your second photo. A very thoughtful post too.

So many different textures on those walls!

Oh I love your image. The BVM and the child Jesus :) Lovely street. Visiting from ABC Wednesday.


House in the Prairie
Rose, ABC Wednesday Team


That shrine is at the end of Calle dei Preti. In any other city, that would tell you where it is, but there are at least 15 streets in Venice with that name, 5 of which are in this sestiere.

Thanks for your comments everyone.

Wow Bert, I knew it was a popular street name but had no idea that there were that many of them!


Wonderful series of photos, I love the "approach" to the closeup. Feel like I am walking right up to it :)

Have a great weekend!!

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