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I is for Icons

There are many icons of Mary in the churches of Venice, and you can even find a few in the street shrines.

Venice also has a Museum of Icons close to the Greek church (San Giorgio dei Greci), and this first shrine below is near the museum with one of the icons represented inside.

Castello 3412

This street shrine on the island of Murano pays homage to one of Venice's most revered icons, the Madonna Nikopeia in the Basilica di San Marco.


This one can be found on Giudecca.


Another one in mosaic that honors the Madonna Nikopeia.

San Marco

This one is close to the church of Santa Maria Formosa.


If you're interested in icons (not just in Venice), I highly recommend this book by Sister Wendy Beckett, Encounters with God: In Quest of the Ancient Icons of Mary. It's a "road trip" pilgrimage book about Sister Wendy's travels to visit the eight oldest icons of Mary. These icons survived the 8th century wholesale destruction of all icons and religious art, making them some of the oldest Christian art in existence.

Five of them are in Rome, and the other three are in London, Egypt, and the Ukraine. The book has nice color photos, and it's amazing how unique and powerful these ancient sacred images are.


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Comments (13)

Icons is a great word for I and so many beautiful ones you photographed. Carver, ABC Wednesday Team


Great "I" photos. We were so fortunate to visit Venice and take our children when they were young. I think is the favorite city that we visited in Europe. Great pics.


The Giudecca one is a new one on me. Whereabouts is it, please?


Bert, I'll check when I get home and let you know. Annie

Hi again Bert, I sent you an email too: it's on Calle de la Cape, 869. Cheers, Annie

How lovely. I really like all the different art styles and techniques.
I like the idea of a museum of icons.

ICONS fascinate me, largely because the Protestant Christians like me really don't have any.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Great I post and wonderful photos. It's been a while since I visited Venice, and these photos make we want to go back that much sooner.


Like Roger says, Protestants don't have things like this in their churches. They are so beautiful...

abcw team

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, great take for the letter I. This is a wonderful post and such a beautiful photo collection. I didn't know that there was an Icon museum. I would love to visit it next time I go to Venice. Thanks to you I am a big fan of Sister Wendy. I want to check out this book. Thanks so much for recommendation.

Have a wonderful evening.

I love all these icons. ^_^


You have a great collection of shots.

it's such a different kind of art than Western European

if i could have just one wish

Thank you for the pictures and the book

Gorgeous! Just gorgeous! I love seeing all of your photos of Venice!

I was working out yesterday when the game was on. At first I thought, poor Vermont! But then I said to myself, "Wait a minute, Annie's Tar Heels are playing Vermont!" GO TAR HEELS!! AND number one in the rankings!

I don't really follow the brackets too much but twitter kept me informed yesterday about the 2 top ranked teams falling. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you and your team. :)

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