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J is for Jurassic

Happy Equinox!

First, I wanted to let everyone know that we had to add word verification to the comments on my blog. The Slow Travel blogs were getting bombarded with spam which made things go funky.

The good news is that it's (hopefully) a user-friendly verification, not one of those blurry hard-to-decipher codes. Under my comment box, you simply type my name (Annie). I'm very grateful to everyone who visits my blog and takes the time to leave comments, so I'm glad that Kim from Slow Travel was able to come up with a solution that should be easy and painless. Please let me know if you have any problems!

So J is for Jurassic, the age of dinosaurs and also the name of a cool little store in Venice.

Jurassic Shop

This shop sells fossils, stones, crystals, and jewelry. I'm not a rock collector, but I do enjoy looking at them. But what really attracted me to this place were the swirly spiral fossils on the sign and also in the window.

Jurassic Shop

They reminded me of the fossils that I love to look for when I visit the churches in Venice. These fossils are embedded in the marble floors and are fun to find. This particular one is in the church of Angelo Raffaele (dedicated to Archangel Raphael).


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Comments (13)

That looks like a fun store and I love the fossil in the marble. Carver, ABC Wednesday Team

I love the inside of that shop! Would enjoy browsing there. The fossil embedded in the floor is amazing. I don't think I would realize what it is unless someone told me.

Nice jumble of topics!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team


What an interesting shop and great last shot!

J is for...

Oh, I would love to see the fossils in the marble floor too. Its fascinating.


I took Geology at university and loved it! That looks like a great shop to visit.
Have a jolly good week,

abcw team

OK, I want to try the new "I'm not a robot" sign-on!

I absolutely swoon over fossils, imagine how old they are, and we can look at them, and even walk on them.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, wonderful choice for the letter J this week. I like the sign and window display too. If I saw this store while walking by I would totally stop to take a look inside. I think your last photo with the fossil in the floor is really cool. Amazing capture.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Shop looks great and I love that last shot.

Another very creative selection, A! I'm playing 'catch up' with my alphabet postings...

Very interesting shop ! I love fossiles they can tell so much about our past.
ABC Wednesday



I enjoy your site and have seen it for several years without posting. I will be in Venice next month (9th time)and have a couple of questions. Can you tell the location of the Jurassic Shop and where the gate into Parco Savorgnan is at? (There is a partial street number of 303... in the gate picture but I could not narrow it to the parc.)

I learned of you from Daniel, (A Lover of Venice) a few years back when he was assisting me to identify Annunciation locations in Venice and from your sight I learned of the one on the Campo San Anzolo pozzo. For about 15 years I have colllected images of Annunciations and am building a data base of them that now holds ~2600 entries, when I am finished I expect to be well over 3000.

Being a bit more specific, I have identified 135 that are in Venice of which I have 130 images. One that I do not have is in the Oratorio in Campo San Anzolo because it has never been open when I go past (so if you ever get in take a picture please and let me know). Of those 135, 23 are outside of buildings. Interestingly I only know of one stained glass (in San Zanipolo).

The 23 outside in Venice is significantly more that any where else; for example I know of five in Rome and four in Florence.


ps, I really like the older pictures like the 19th century photo of a woman drawing water from the one in Campo Zanipolo.

Hi Vern,

Nice to meet you! I remember talking to Daniel a few years ago about Annunciation locations. I'd love to see your list of the 23 outdoor ones!

I do have a photo of the one inside the Oratorio in Sant' Angelo that I took in 2010. Will find it and email it to you.

The Jurassic shop is somewhere close to the Frari but I don't know what the name of the calle is. I think it might be close to a gelato shop?

The entrance to the parco is close to the campo San Geremia e Lucia. The number in my photo is just 303 as best I can tell.

Thanks for your comments; I hope you have a wonderful trip to Venice! Annie

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