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PhotoHunt: Fluffy

A fun theme that gives us an opportunity to honor the fluffy and furry creatures we share this planet with!

I've said this before, but some of the cutest dogs I've ever seen live in Venice. Both of these guys were hanging out at the entrances to stores; maybe their owners were inside shopping or maybe they are the store owner's dogs. Cute fluff, for sure.

Venetian dog

shop dog in Venice

And even though you don't see as many cats as you do dogs in Venice, the kitties are around. This "Erba per Gatti" (cat grass) was for sale at a Venetian florist shop and shows how much they love their fluffy felines too. I grow this stuff for my own cats sometimes (they love it!).

Erba per Gatti

And speaking of fluffy felines, this Oriental print was hanging on the wall of the B&B where I stayed the last time I went to Venice. It was over the table where I had breakfast each morning, and I loved looking at these cats.

fluffy feline

Thanks for visiting and have a good weekend.

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Comments (16)


oh the dog is very cute. i want one of those.

i sure hope you'd share a pic of lulu here someday.

Haha that second doggie looks like our Max! Great collection for the theme :)

A great collection of fluffy animals in Venice. The dogs outside the stores in the first shots are unbelievably cute. Happy Weekend!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, wonderfully cute and fluffy photos. A perfect take for this fluffy theme. I am so impressed that these cuties can just sit and patiently wait for their owners. The cat grass is cool, glad your little ones love it. And those are such pretty prints. Simple and elegant looking.

Thanks so much for sharing. Have an awesome weekend.


Interesting selection of photos for the theme, Annie.

A Chinese print (or is it an actual watercolor painting?) in Venice -- and a really nice one too! Cool!! :)

The chinese painting on the fluffy cat looks very nice... I am learning chinese painting. Hopefully one day I can paint like that...

Dogs and cats have fluffy fur.. cool~

love his face,

you like Chinese painting?

The fluffy doggies are so cute! Seeing all these cute doggies made me want to adopt one.

How cute the fluffy dogs !

how adorable and fluffy. i love the chinese painting.


Great Photos to capture fluffy! Love them all!!

Oh, I didn't know about the dogs in Venice. My husband will be thrilled. Venice is high on our to-do list, and we love dogs.
The Chinese painting of the kittens is wonderful. So simply done, but with great skill to make it so true to life. We saw many such paintings in China and were amazed by the economy of lines so artfully done.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

Hi again to you, too, Annie:
Thanks for the link. I'll save it, and also pass it along to my husband.

Cat grass? I've never heard of it. The dogs remind me of Benjie. :D

Very cute, lovely ideas for the theme :-)

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