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PhotoHunt: Shoes

Happy weekend! I wanted to let everyone know that there is now word verification on the comments on my blog because all of the Slow Travel blogs were getting spammed. The good news is that it's (hopefully) a user-friendly verification and will be easy to do. Under my comment box, you simply type my name (Annie). There's a clue there to remind you.

When I saw the "shoes" theme, I knew what I wanted to do, but I couldn't find my photo. Thanks SO much to my friend, Bert, who knew exactly what I was looking for, sent his nice photo and allowed me to use it for this theme. You can see more of Bert's photos on Venice Daily Photo.

This relief is on the former headquarters of the German shoemakers or cobblers (Scuola dei Calegheri Tedeschi) in Venice. Three shoes on the bottom and an image of the Annunciation scene on top. The Blessed Virgin of the Annuciation was the shoemakers' patron saint.


The German shoemakers came to Venice and established a presence in this neighborhood in the late 14th century. In addition to their scuola, they had warehouses and shops, and there are at least four shoes etched into pillars around here. Many of these shoemakers are buried in the nearby church of Santo Stefano.

These chunky heel, square-toe shoes are back in style, I think!


Thanks for visiting and have a good weekend.

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Comments (13)

What a great find for the theme this week. Interesting history too. Happy Weekend!

Those shoes are back in style! Great take on the theme. :)

It is unfortunate about the spammers. I too have had to add a Captcha because they were spamming mercilessly the past few weeks.


Oh my goodness that is wonderful. I like the design on the first relief.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, wonderful take for this week's shoe theme. That is a beautiful relief. I wish I had seen it while I was visiting. I also enjoyed learning the history of the German shoemakers who made their home/business in Venice.

I also think that shoe in your second photo is back in style. :)

Have a wonderful weekend.


I'm beginning to wonder if there are any parts of Venice you have not photographed, Annie! And yes, I know this photo is not yours -- but you do have one like it in your collection, I'm surmising... ;b

Thanks for this interesting and informative post. I am so fascinated that I have to google more info for German shoesmakers. Happy weekend!

Many of my blogger friends are hit by spammers. They are relentless. tsk tsk tsk

That is very appropriate for the theme. Awesome find!



Nicely done, love the shots!

That's a great photo of Bert's, isn't it? Darn, I want to be back in Venice, right now!


Absolutely fantastic take on the theme and pictures!! I will have to check out Bert's blog :)
Happy weekend!

How interesting ! I didn't know that ! and it's true, fashion always comes back !

i would not like wearing chunky heel square toed shoes

two senryu dedicated to the novelist

HA! I immediately thought Puritan shoe - of well! Another great post, Annie.

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