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PhotoHunt: Advertising

Before I travel anywhere, I do lots of research on the web, but the best way to find out what's happening in Venice is to look at the posters displayed at various points around town.

You can learn about "magic listenings, sweet tastings, and charming events" that happen during "Winter in Venice."


You can find out about art exhibits:

I liked this one advertising a free workshop about creating and maintaining a blog!

'Un blog" in Italian. :)


Effective advertising at its best: this sweet little note in the window of the oldest handmade paper shop in Venice~


Thanks for visiting and have a good weekend.

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Comments (8)

These are great! The poster for a winter vacation in Venice is particularly pretty! I wonder how cold it might get there?

I always enjoy your photographs of Venice so much. Very appealing choices for the theme and I love the little handmade note. Happy Weekend!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, I also love that photo of Venice in the Winter. Venice is beautiful in the snow and I love the description. The paper store reminds me of the one in Amalfi. They are special treasures to keep alive. The blog poster is cute.

This is a wonderful photo collection and cool take for this week's theme.

Have a great weekend.


Hi Annie --

So how much Italian do you know? Looks like at least a bit of knowledge is needed to enjoy Venice. :)


Beautiful samples of advertising, love the free workshop to create a blog!

Happy weekend.

I see free Computer classes and Venice in Winter ! thanks I prefer Venice in summer, lol ! Nice advertisings !

these are fabulous, especially the handmade paper ad. did you buy some?:p

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

Sue, it's not that cold. Winter is a great time to go to Venice!

YTSL, you don't need to know much or any Italian to enjoy Venice. :)

Luna, the paper store was closed but I would have bought some if it had been open.

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