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PhotoHunt: Bridges

Bridges galore in Venice! But how many bridges are there in the city of canals? If you google that question, you'll get many different answers starting at 387 and going up. Wikipedia says that the city with the world-record for the most bridges is Pittsburgh, PA which has 446 bridges, 3 more than Venice has. So maybe Venice has 443? I'm not sure anyone knows for sure, and counting them would be such a challenge.

Anyway, here's a random look at a few of Venice's bridges. Many of the bridges are made of stone like this one below.


This small wooden bridge leads into Poste Vecie, the oldest restaurant in Venice, serving since 1500.

Poste Vecie

A lacy metal bridge with gondola parked nearby~

Some bridges have a shrine~

Castello 2641

Same bridge as above with shadows cast by the handrails~

A photo I took while standing on a bridge~


Thanks for visiting and have a good weekend.

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Comments (14)

I love how the laundry is being hung out to dry over the canal. :) Great bridge shots! Happy weekend Annie :)


These are the bridges I'd like to see and photograph.

No kidding, Pittsburgh has more bridges? Why haven't I heard that before?

So many charming bridges in Venice and you photographed these to perfection. Happy Weekend!


Lovely photos all. Re the photos of the bridges: they really make me want to walk on them -- especially if I can get views like in the last photo when standing on them! :)

Hi Annie, love all of your bridge photos!! My favorite is the last one, really like that one!!! I am thinking about joining photo hunt again, but how do you post that you have put up pic for the week. I went to Gattina's web page and could not find any where to do so.

Thanks lots,


Sandra, Go to Gattina's home page here and you'll see the "Bridges" post. You leave your link in the Linky thing and also leave a comment.


I just tried to leave a comment on your blog but couldn't figure out how to do it. I like your re-design though.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, awesome photo collection. I had no idea that PA had the most bridges, my guess would've been Venice. I love your photos and the colors are so vibrant in your last photo, and the reflections and hanging laundry just adds to your wonderful composition. Just beautiful.

Have a wonderful weekend!

great variety of bridges and your photos are wonderfully captured. i've photos from Venice too.

I see you also were "bridge" hunting in Venice, lol !

Hi Annie,
Great post as usual. Loved your pictures. I did not know that Poste Vecie was the oldest restaurant in Venice. I'll have to try it next time.
Some years ago I made a list of all the bridges as they appear in Calli, Campielli e Canali. These are my results:
Total number of bridges: 399, including Giudecca. Of that total, 339 are named and the rest unnamed, mainly private bridges.
Cannaregio: 87; Santa Croce: 57; San Polo: 28; Castello: 101; San Marco: 48; Dorsoduro: 63; Giudecca: 15. Since many bridges connect two sestieri, my assignment to a sestiere in particular is questionable.


Venice Bridge by Bridge by Gianpietro Zucchetta lists 446 bridges (pre-Calatrava) (according to Michael Specter), but 443 according to Berendt.[That means two people reading the same book come up with different answers!]
bridges in Venice 434+1
over the Grand Canal 3+1
between Mestre and Venice 2
in stone 304 (70%)
in iron 78 (18%)
in wood 52 (12%)
without railings 1
longest Littorio 3623 mt (Ponte della Libertà)
public 347+1 (80%)
private 86 (20%)
[Would you call the Calatrava iron or stone?]
An exact count is difficult not least because the very definition of a bridge in Venice is rather tricky to pin down. Should it include the private ones, those just above the water, those connecting two buildings separated by a canal, double and triple bridges and those within the Venice Arsenal?

Daniel and Bert, thanks to both of you for the info. Very interesting to see a breakdown by sestiere and also by material. I'm not sure what to call the Calatrava!

Interesting comment by Bert. Daniele Resini in his "Venezia. I Ponti," lists 347 public bridges and 13 private (my count), to a grand total of 360. I wonder if in Zucchetta's book, which I have not seen, he includes the private overpasses that are not at ground level. There are quite a few of those. The only one of this type I counted in my total of 399 was the Bridge of Sighs. I did not count Ponte de la Liberta, either.
In the website dedicated to I Ponti di Venezia (http://www.gpmeneghin.com/ponti/ponti.php) the author lists 340 public bridges and does not include the district of Sant'Elena and part of the Giudecca (Sacca Fisola). If you add those (6, my count) the total of public bridges is 346. The author does not include Caltrava's Bridge, if you add that, the total is 347 again.


Love the first pic with the reflection in the water.
Suzy Bridge

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