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PhotoHunt: Graveyard

Venice's cemetery island, San Michele in Isola, is the most lovely graveyard I've ever visited. With all those cypress trees and so many flowers, it's a beautiful and peaceful place.

San Michele in Isola

San Michele in Isola

San Michele in Isola

San Michele in Isola

There are two churches on this island. The photo below shows the 19th century church of San Cristoforo which is covered with mosaics inside.

San Cristoforo

The other one is the magnificent Renaissance church of San Michele in Isola.

San Michele in Isola

Thanks for visiting and have a good weekend.

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when you visited this graveyard, was it day of the dead or all souls day? it seems to be full of flowers. normally not that many offer flowers on a daily basis.

Ewok, I took these photos in early December, and it wasn't a holiday. I think Italians bring flowers on a regular basis - I saw several ladies carrying big bouquets on the boat ride over there.

The cemetery is very beautiful with all the flowers. My favorite shot is the first one showing the water as well as the island. Both of the churches are very beautiful too. Happy Weekend!

Its beautiful! I was going to remark on the flowers as well, so amazing to see so many floral tributes :) I would love to visit this one!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, it's wonderful that there are so many fresh flowers on almost every grave. And there are some nice vases too. It does look like a very peaceful place. Thanks so much for sharing your photos, they were perfect for this week's theme.

Have a wonderful weekend.

What wonderful, beautiful photos! That first one, illuminated the way it is with the dark waters in the foreground, looks otherworldly. And in a way, it is!

All those flowers are amazing! I'd love to explore that cemetery. I like that so many of the headstones have the person's photo on it. I feel like every headstone tells a story, and the photos really make the story more interesting and "real."

That church is beautiful too. What a lovely setting - it looks as peaceful as you describe it.

Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed this post.


Wow re all those flowers! Was it a special time of the year when you visited and took those photos, Annie?

Hi Annie, Beautiful photos of the cemetery. I never made it over there. My favorite is of San Michele. What a beautiful building!!

amazing! all these beautiful bouquets on a regular day. cemetery island--fascinating!

Although I have been several times in Venice I have never seen this beautiful cimetary, and how colorful !

Annie, you just reminded me that I had fully intended to visit the cemetery last year when I was in Venice. I wanted to follow in Brunetti's footsteps.

Well, another reason to return, I guess.

oh, thanks for the photos of san michele. the signs clearly say no photos, and like many places in venice, they're not really serious. but i got such glares from people tending graves that i had to sneak only a very few of the most beautiful or interesting memorials. you managed to get so much more. thanks again.

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