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PhotoHunt: Metal

Many of the street shrines in Venice have metal gates protecting the sacred image inside. The decorative metal work is often beautiful though it can make photographing the inside of the shrine a challenge.:)

This shrine, close to the Rialto market, has a metal sunburst or floral pattern on its gate. There's been a shrine at this location since 1310 - the original shrine was probably dedicated to San Matteo (St. Matthew); there was a now-demolished church dedicated to San Matteo nearby.

Dorsoduro 364

The sacred image inside this shrine today is a statue of the Madonna and Child. Sometimes Jesus is a baby but in this case, he's an exuberant toddler throwing his arms out to bless us.

Dorsoduro 364

There's another interesting metal feature of this shrine. On either side, the marble is carved with an image of a vase or urn, and a little piece of metal is inserted in the carving so that a floral offering can be attached. So charming!

Dorsoduro 364

Dorsoduro 364

The photos above were taken in 2010. Here's an interesting comparison below - the same shrine as seen in 2008. Lots of changes!

The sacred image was a framed painting of Mary, not a statue, and there aren't any green sprigs in the metal thingamajigs on the sides. Looks like the marble has been cleaned since 2008 too.

Dorsoduro 364

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, this is such a lovely shrine. The metal design is very beautiful. And how interesting that baby Jesus is an older toddler here. Great observation and find. I also like the two metal holders on the side.

A wonderful take on this week's theme. Have a great weekend.


Hi Annie --

Are the protective gates meant to protect from theft? If so, how sad -- but how wonderful then that additional artistry resulted.

This is a beautiful take on the metal theme!

Very beautiful metal pictures !

Very beautiful and a great idea for the theme. I was at the beach for a long weekend and didn't participate this week.

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