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PhotoHunt: Paintings

A few shrines in Venice with paintings (or copies of paintings) inside of them~

This shrine contains a copy of a painting of the Madonna and Child; the original resides in the nearby church of the Gesuati. The tabernacle is dated at the bottom: 1860.

Dorsoduro 885

The painting inside this shrine is very degraded, but the the orange metal flowers are cheerful and make me smile. This one is dated too, in Roman Numerals, MDCLXV (1665).

Castello 2125

Castello 2125

This fancy Baroque shrine is dated 1717. That date applies to the elegant marble tabernacle, not to the image inside which is a copy of a painting of the Virgin of Lourdes.

Castello 5160

The Deposition of Christ. This painting looks familar but I can't place it. Anyone recognize it?

Cannaregio 1693

Thanks for visiting and have a good weekend.

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I wonder: 1) has anyone counted the number of shrines in Venice? Also, 2) are there maps with shrine locations on them?

Lovely collection of paintings! I agree with YTSL, there should be a walking tour or series of tours of the shrines :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, a very beautiful photo collection. I am always so impressed how unique each shrine is. It seems that no two are alike and that is very cool.

I have to say that the one with the orange metal flowers makes me smile too.

Have a wonderful weekend. I just got up (5:30 am) to watch the Olympics. :)

I love the shots you take of the shrines and this is perfect for the theme. Happy Weekend!

Thanks everyone.

YTSL, a book published in the 1980's says there are 510 shrines. Other sources don't agree because opinions vary about what a shrine actually is. :)

Counting anything in Venice (churches, bridges etc) is a big challenge, to say the least. The website La Sérénissime has some of the shrines located on maps. I hope you are able to visit Venice someday!

What great finds! I love the shrines with a painting in it. I want to replicate one in my home.

We sure don't have anything like that here.
Thanks for visiting and the coffee is always on.

beautiful collection of shrines and i love the paintings.


Very interesting, as always! The Deposition intrigues, but I'm afraid I can't help with the painter. It almost looks a bit modern to me.

You could probably do a wonderful business conducting walking tours of Shrines of Venice (and occasional Cats of Venice tours.)

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