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Y is for You-Pick

I went to a you-pick blueberry farm this morning. I went at 8 AM to beat the heat but even so, it was still pretty hot. The place where I picked uses natural growing practices and no pesticides. I found it on Pick Your Own which lists you-pick places all over the world.


They are such beautiful plants.




Here's my bucket; I picked about 4 pounds. Most of them are in the freezer but I saved a few to eat today and tomorrow. Happy 4th of July to those who celebrate it!

my bucket

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Happy 4th! Blueberries are the best♫♪

You pick 'em makes 'em taste sweeter.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, very cool photos and a fantastic take on this week's letter. I have never heard of You Pick Your Own farms. I just bought some blueberries at my local grocery store for the 4th too, but your's look so much more better.

Happy 4th of July!

Sigh now thats a sight for sore eyes ;)

PhenoMenon, ABCW Team

Yummy, yummy. I love blueberries. It's great to pick your own too.

They are pretty plants aren't they? Enjoy the 4th!

That would be fun!

Y is for...
Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

Great idea for Y. I love pick yourself farms. I used to be able to pick my own blueberries in my backyard but my bushes were severely hurt during the 2008 drought. I still have a few during the season but not like I used to.


I love pick your own farms so relaxing and with a great end result. Your 4 pounds looks lovely.


Oh YUM! What gorgeous and succulent looking blueberries! Our u-picks in NS are the high bush ones like these. Although must confess my very favourites are low bush blueberries, so I buy mine from the farm store (plus am also too lazy to pick my own! lol)

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