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PhotoHunt: Sculpture

These sculptures are on the wall in between the church of Santa Maria della Salute and the Seminario Patriarcale in Venice. They were originally on the high altar of the church of Le Vergini (Santa Maria delle Vergini) which was demolished in the 19th century.



Venice2010 107

There are actually five sculptures on this wall but I was only able to see three of them. The Seminary was being restored, and the other two sculptures were behind the scaffolding.

Four of the Le Vergini sculptures are by artist Orazio Marinali, and one of the them is "The Savior" by Giulio del Moro. The Patriarchal Seminary has a lot of art from Venice's demolished churches - I don't know if the restoration is completed but look forward to visiting it someday.


Thanks for visiting and have a good weekend.

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Comments (12)

Those are great. I like sculpture that show folds in the garments. Happy Weekend!

Beautiful sculptures! Let us know if you visit soonly how the restoration goes :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, these are really cool sculptures and it's so neat how each of them has a different animal resting at their feet. Makes me curious about the other two. I look forward to seeing them
after your next visit.

I love the Maria Salute church and I'm bummed that I didn't see them on my visit. Maybe on my next trip with my sis.

Thanks so much for sharing. Have a great weekend.


Interesting photos and story re the sculptures! Do you know why the church was demolished, Annie?

They are impressive. Glad that they were saved so we could see them

Nice sculptures ! Apparently well hidden !

I think it strange we don't have any sculptures in our town, not even our founding father “Edwin Bonner”
Mine is up and the coffee is on.


Love your beautiful sculptures. Thanks for coming to see my cans..LOL

I'll visit in December for you and let you know!


YTSL, here is a post about the 40+ churches that were destroyed in Venice in the 19th century.

Thanks for your comments, everyone.


I like that the seminary is preserving the sculptures from the demolished churches. These are wonderful.

I've been neglecting my blog lately (again!) Has been a crazy summer. Right now I am filling at the church where I have my student placement. Ministry team are all on vacation until Sept 4, so I'm on my own, which is a great learning opportunity. I've been preaching every Sunday, and providing pastoral care. I even had a funeral this week...what a privilege to walk with people during their time of grief, very humbling.

Hope all is well with you! My mom is thinking of a trip to France next spring, and wants me to accompany her, so hopefully I'll be blogging travel plans soon. :)

Hi Anne,

great to hear from you. Sounds like a busy but very exciting summer! I just left a comment on your blog. Thanks for stopping by!

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