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PhotoHunt: Glass

Venice has been famous for its glass industry for over a thousand years. In 1291, the Venetian Republic decided to move the glass factories to the island of Murano because of the risk of fire. Glass continues to be made and sold on Murano today.

Ss. Giuseppe e S. Teresa

This elegant small oratory is SS. Giuseppe e Teresa, dedicated to saints Joseph and Teresa. It's nestled in the middle of a former convent founded on Murano in 1736. The convent was suppressed and closed in the early 19th century and later became a hospice for the widows and unmarried daughters of Murano's glass-makers (Ospizio Briati, founded by master glass-maker, Giuseppe Briati).

Ss. Giuseppe e S. Teresa

In the mid-19th century when Murano's most famous church was closed for restoration, this little chapel served as the island's parish church until Santa Maria e San Donato reopened.

Ss. Giuseppe e S. Teresa

The former religious complex is now city property. A few years ago, there was some discussion about turning the complex into a hotel, but there was much opposition to that plan, and then the city decided to restore the property so that it can be used as a home for disabled citizens. You can see photos of the cloisters and the interior of SS. Giuseppe e Teresa here.

Ss. Giuseppe e S. Teresa

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Comments (8)

I enjoyed this post very much. Very informative and good shots. Happy Weekend

Love the rich history of Venice. It is amazing that they have been making glass in the same place for so long :)


You are really whetting my appetite for Venice. I must, must start saving for a trip

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, this is a very cool take on this week's theme. The history of how glass making was moved to Murano is really interesting. The cloisters are cool. I'm so glad that they didn't/haven't turned this building into a hotel.

Your photos are beautiful. I hope I get to visit Venice again so I can also visit Murano.

Have a great weekend.


I'm glad to see you Photo Hunting again, Annie. Thought you had decided to give it up.

I'm glad that building was turned into a home for the disabled rather than a hotel. I'm sure hotels are needed in Venice but often times, it can seem that in the bid to attract and cater to more and more tourists, governments can neglect the local residents.

Wonderful pics for the theme!

The last time I was in Murano was two years ago, it had changed quiet a lot so many tourist shops now and the glass factory's demonstration was rather poor ! Was much better when I saw it first in the 70th, lol !

I have heard of Venice glass and now you made me wanting to see how it is made.

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