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Campanili (let's play!)

I hope you all had a fantastic holiday season. Best wishes for a wonderful new year - I hope that we all will be able to spend some time in Venice (or anywhere else on your travel wish list) in 2013.

I wanted to let you know that A Lover of Venice has a new game in progress: Campanili! 56 photos of bell towers and belfries to identify. It's challenging but I'm having lots of fun with it.

Here's a mini-quiz, not too hard. Can you identify the three towers in this photo?

3 towers

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, Happy New Year! That looks like Santa Margarita campo. I remember the big tree, the fish vendor and that cut off tower that you pointed out to me on one of my photos that I had taken. But I'm trying to thing what was near there, but I can't and I don't know the names of the towers. That's a beautiful photo. I love the colors of the sunbeam on the buildings.

Have a wonderful first weekend in the new year.


Is that San Pantaleone? I'm hopeless at these. I've had a go at Daniel's quiz but to no avail. My mother used to moan at me as a boy to keep my head up and shoulders back. I used to say I was looking at the ground for sixpences.


Kathy is correct (of course), Campo Santa Margarita, with the stump of the church's campanile. On the right is the campanile of a church with a very large painting on the ceiling, and to the right of that the campanile of the church of the brothers.

Hi Kathy, happy new year to you too. And yes, it's campo Santa Margherita - I'm impressed that you recognized it!

Andrew, too funny. Daniel's game IS challenging - I know some of them from memory, but many of them, I have no clue.

Bert, those are great clues. Helpful but not too obvious.

It seems that campanili are the hot topic at this time of year! In his blog "di tutto", Sergio Piovesan presents 3 videos featuring campanili.



I like campo San Margherita, very nice and lively place in Venice
I recognize San Pantalon.The old campanile of San Margherita. The big one is I Frari??
Thanks for your very interesting blog

Thanks for the link Yvonne. And happy new year to you too!

Lilichan, thanks to you for your comment and yes, you got all 3 of them. From left to right, the partial tower of Santa Margherita, San Pantalon, and the Frari. Cheers!

Happy New Year, Annie - I'm afraid I don't know Venice well enough to play, but I'd be interested in the answers (and what a variety of towers, all 3 very different from each other!)

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