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PhotoHunt: Peace

Another lovely street shrine in Venice. The inscription on the top, Regina Pacis Ora Pro Nobis, translates from Latin to "Queen of Peace, Pray for Us."

There's a black-and-white print inside the shrine showing the Mother and Child with Saints, surrounded by a number of ex-votos, little metal ornaments with ribbons on top. These votive offerings of devotion are given in gratitude for an answered prayer.

Canneregio 4755

Also inside this shrine, nestled in the bottom corner surrounded by pink roses, is a statue of Santa Rita da Cascia (1381-1457) - an Italian nun who became a saint.

Cannaregio 4755

And a charming little quirky detail - the yellow tulips are in a vase with a picture of a cartoon donkey kicking up his heels. Not sure who he is!

Canneregio 4755

Electric power cords on one side, graffiti on the other~

Canneregio 4755

Hard to see because the glass caught reflections of the buildings across the street from the shrine, but you can see another saint down at the bottom behind the tulips. This is San Pio X (Pope Pius X) who was pope from 1903-1914. Before he was pope, he was the Patriarch of Venice for ten years. He was canonized in 1954.

Cannaregio 4755

Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend.

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Comments (15)

It's such a joy to tour the beautiful streets of Venice with you, Annie.

Love how the tulips are contrasting to the shrine. Just lovely :)

Yes churches are very tranquil...and those tulips are very quirky. Maybe that is dominic the donkey after that horrible Christmas song?

Beautiful shots and a great idea for the theme. Happy Weekend!

Venice is certainly full of surprises. great photos.


Hi Annie --

How many shrines to the Virgin Mary are there in Venice? I'm thinking hundreds, if not thousands! :O

Nice pictures ! everybody finds peace and tranquility in something.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, what a lovely shrine and what a beautiful inscription. And the high kicking donkey glass vase is just too cute. I love the flowers and those metal ornaments too.

Have a wonderful weekend.

That shrine is just packed with wonderful things! Thanks for sharing all of those interesting details with us Annie.

Thanks everyone for your comments.

YTSL, a book I have says that there are 510 street shrines in Venice and that 63% of them are dedicated to Mary. So you're right, there are a lot!


Beautiful pictures and I love your quirky find!
Happy weekend


I think the donkey is a character from the movie Shrek.

Hello Annie, Happy Spring! It has finally made its way here on our hillside. I truly had a fabulous time visiting some of the many churches in Venice back in Nov/Dec 2012. Thanks so for all your tips! I loved the street or calle shrines. I love the humor in the kicking donkey. Carol

OMG I love this shrine....I've never come across it.
I'm new to your site...but I'm assuming everyone is suppose to guess where it's located?
I'd love to know!!

Thanx for the great posts!!

Hi Linda, thanks for your comment. You can find this shrine at Cannaregio 4755. If you click on the photo, you'll see that if I know where a shrine is, I include the address with the photo. Cheers, Annie

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