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A few San Polo shrines

A few more shrines in San Polo, not far from the Rialto market area. All three of these are connected to restaurants.

This sweet shrine overlooks the rear entrance to Poste Vecie, the oldest restaurant in Venice. You can see the little bridge leading in to the main entrance here.

San Polo 1613

If you've got a trattoria named for the Madonna on a calle also named for her, you have to have a shrine too, right? Actually, the shrine was here first, and the calle named for the shrine, many centuries ago. Trattoria alla Madonna opened in 1954 and is a popular place specializing in seafood from the lagoon. The food is good and there's a nice collection of art inside (some of which you can see on their website).

San Polo 592

San Polo 592

And finally, a very interesting shrine next to takeaway pizza place, Antico Forno. I want to go back in daylight and have a closer look inside this one. I learned that at one point, this shrine housed an orginal 1831 painting by Lattanzio Querena (1768-1853) whose work can be seen in a number of Venice's churches. I wonder if the painting is still there or if it's a copy. The painting is interesting too in that it includes both the Madonna and San Antonio, the Top Two most revered saints in the shrines of Venice.

UPDATE: Thank you so much to Bert, who solved the mystery of the Querena painting. The brass plaque at the bottom of the shrine tells us that the painting IS a copy because the original was stolen on June 9, 1990. The copy was given by Marco Zuanich "in reparation for the sacrilegious act," and the shrine was blessed by the Patriarch of Venice, Angelo Scola, on February 6, 2010. Thank you, Bert!

I'd love to know more about the history of this building too. Love those marble columns.

San Polo 973

San Polo 973

A couple of months ago, I got a comment from a reader asking the location of one of the shrines I've posted. You can click on the photos to get the addresses (if I know them!).

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Comments (11)

Annie, thank you for yet another wonderful and informative post! I got so excited when I saw a new post from you, yay!

beautiful post. It's like walking in Venice late at night.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, lovely post and I enjoyed your photo collection. If I am lucky to return to Venice again, I would love to visit that tiny bridge and see that cute shrine above the entrance. The last shrine does look different than others.

Thanks so much for this wonderful post and sharing your photos.

Like Susie, I was so happy to see a new post from you! Thank you for including the addresses.



Thank you everyone for your comments. And thanks to Bert for sending the updated info about the third shrine. :)

I do believe that this is a first - normally when I read one of your blog posts about the shrines I have no idea where they are and make a note to visit them in the future. Not this time as I have seen and 'investigated' all three! Thanks for some more of the background!


The very first shrine is really sweet, but there is something that appeals about a glow-in-the-dark Madonna!

Ann Woodward:

Dear Annie,
I noted on one of your posts the book "I Capileti di Venezia". I know it is out of print, but do,you have any idea of where I might find it.
Your photographs are beautiful.
Ann Woodward

Hi Ann, my copy of that book was a gift, and I think my friend found it in Venice at a flea market in Campo San Maurizio. If you are lucky enough to be in Venice when that market is going on (or the one close to Miracoli), you might be able to find a used copy there.

Another place to check in Venice is bookstore Filippi (they specialize in books about Venice and often have out of print books).

And have you looked online at places that sell used books?

Good luck to you!

Hi again Ann, here's more information about the book.

Authors are Fiorenzo Cuman and Pietro Fabbian, and the book was published in 1987 by Edizioni Helvetia, a Venetian publisher.

Ann Woodward:

Hi Annie,
Thank you for for the information about your book - especially the publishers information. I did stop by Filippi when I was in Venice and have tried my favorite "out of print" online booksellers, without luck.
I had a feeling that if I do find the book, it would be like the way yours was found - being in the right place at the right time with a little luck by my side.
But...I'll keep trying. Thank you again!

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