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PhotoHunt: Books

A weather-beaten saint holding a book in his right hand~


Santa Croce 1456

My guess is that this is St. James (San Giacomo) since he's holding a staff in his other hand and because he's over the small door adjacent to the entrance to the church of San Giacomo dall' Orio..

San Giacomo dall'Orio

Here is a winged lion of San Marco holding a book in his paws~

winged lion

Also in Venice, books galore at Libreria Acqua Alta. I love this bookstore!

I created a Gallery on Flickr with some great photos of this bookstore (and its resident cats) taken by visitors from all over the world. The cat in the tenth photo cracks me up. :)

Libreria Acqua Alta

Thanks for visiting and have a good weekend. :)

See a list of upcoming Saturday Photo Hunting themes on Gattina's website here.

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Comments (9)

going to flickr to see your gallery. been active in flickr but haven't found the time or the inspiration to create gallery.

happy fall.

Beautiful artwork! And I'd be in heaven at that bookshop I'm sure :) Will check out your gallery for sure :)

Happy photo hunting, reading and weekend!

I love the sign at the front :) The print that kitty is sitting beside in #7 is the exact one I have hung in my dining area :) Great pics thank you for sharing the gallery too.

Great shots for the themes. So neat to have the sculpture shot that includes a book.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie,

Great creative take on the theme. That's a really cool bookstore. The link to your photo gallery is awesome. So cool how the kitties find the most interesting place to rest and nap. They look so comfortable & at home in this bookstore. Love the one kitty's pose. She reminds me of your beautiful Maria.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Guess the saint and lion can only be holding The Good Book, right? ;b

That is one bookshop I would love browsing, it would be fun uncovering great books here.


You can read about the book here, YTSL:

Very nice interpretation of the theme !

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