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PhotoHunt: Outdoors

There are a bunch of museums in Venice that I haven't visited yet because, unless it's raining, I prefer to stay outdoors and roam around.

One of the things you'll see when you wander around Venice are these small residential courtyards, so very charming. Here are a few of them.

First is Campiello del Curnis, in the sestiere San Polo. One of my guidebooks says that it's "embellished by a large woodbine plant and named after a family which came from Bergamo to trade in sweetmeats."

What's a woodbine plant? I learned from Wikipedia that it can be a number of things including honeysuckle and Virginia creeper. I was there in winter when the vine was dormant, and I'd love to see what this looks like in spring when it's in bloom.

And what exactly is this thing the vine is in? An outdoor planter? Where's the dirt? When was the last time someone opened that door? So interesting!

Campiello del Curnis

Campiello del Curnis

Another courtyard named for a family, Corte Petriana has a distinctive entrance with a beautiful relief that shows the Madonna and Child above, angels in the top corners, and two dragons below. In between is the family coat of arms with a half-moon underneath a tree.

The Petriana family were from Umbria and became Venetian citizens in 1396. Inside the courtyard are some nice old columns and a modern basketball hoop on the window.

Corte Petriana

Corte Petriana

Corte Petriana

In sestiere Santa Croce, you can find the lovely Corte del Tagiapiera (stone-cutters). I guess that at one time, there were stone masons living or working here. Whoever lives here today has a green thumb. The entrance is a short tunnel and what a surprise when you get inside the corte.

Corte del Tagiapiera

Corte del Tagiapiera

Corte del Tagiapiera

Thanks for visiting and have a good weekend. :)

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Comments (12)

Thank you for another wonderful post Annie!

That vine is amazing!

Do you read the Alloggi Barbaria blog? There are now gates preventing access to Corte del Tagiapiera. :( I am so glad you got your photos of that pretty Corte when you did!

Thank you Susie! I do read Fausto's blog but must have missed the post about them putting gates up. I guess they got tired of people like me coming in to look. Can't blame them but I too am glad that I was able to see it before it closed.

i always look forward to your posts because i know i'd be salivating for venice again.

do you live in venice full time?

What lovely residential courtyards, beautiful shots!

Beautiful! I must visit one day :)

Very charming views from walking around outside in Venice. Happy Weekend!


These courtyards are very charming indeed. I guess the people living in the residences that ring them must be very used to visitors checking them out! :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, those courtyards are really cool especially that last one with all those gorgeous plants. Those vines are really interesting too. I wish I would have seen one of these courtyards during my visit back in 2007.

thanks so much for sharing your beautiful photos. I always smile when I see your Venice photos. Have a great weekend.

hello annie!!! what enchanting pictues!! the courtyards are lovely! thanks so much for sharing. it makes me smile too.

Beautiful outdoor pictures !

I am like you - I'd far rather be out exploring . . .unless it is wet! It rained a lot in December so we enjoyed many churches and a couple of museums we had not been to before.


Oh these spaces are so beautiful!! Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a family courtyard like these?

Hope all is well with you, Annie. I haven't been by to say hello much the past couple years, but I think of you often. I'm just entering my 3rd (final) year of my MDiv, hallelujah! Although still then have an 8 month internship, so ordination won't happen before early 2015.
Have a great week!!

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