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PhotoHunt: Vehicles

One of the reasons that I love Venice so much is the fact that there are no cars. Venice is a medieval city, for the most part, with narrow streets and canals, and simply no place to put modern roads. Until you've been to a place like this, you don't realize how much traffic noise (and its exhaust) have become part of our everyday normal experience. What a relief it is to be away from it!

So as far as vehicles with wheels go, the only ones you'll encounter in Venice belong to children. Tiny bikes and plastic three-wheelers and such can be seen in Venice's residential neighborhoods. One day while wandering around, I saw this small motorcycle (with training wheels), spray painted in gold. No children in sight, it was just sitting there waiting for its owner (Tommy G) to come back and ride.


Another vehicle I found in Venice (and much less charming than Tommy G.'s) was this "work of art" in the campo next to Palazzo Grassi (a palace on the Grand Canal that's now a museum of contemporary art). It's a 1987 Buick Regal wrapped in vinyl. Art or eyesore?


I love how the sign warns us that it's under "constant" surveillance, in three languages no less. Who would want to steal it? Maybe they were afraid that someone would come along with a can of gold spray paint.


Boats are the true vehicles of Venice. Most of them are small and well-suited for the canals, but sometimes you'll see one like this creating a big old traffic jam.


Thanks for visiting and have a good weekend. :)

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Comments (11)

I love the small motorcycle with training wheels. I agree about the car art, who on earth would want to steal it. Great shots and the boats are beautiful.


The more I read about Venice from you and the net and as the years go by, the desire to go gets more intense. I cannot wait to see it next year (yay!)

delightful post, Annie, as always.

Well art is in the eye of the beholder ... not sure about that car though ;)

Beautiful pics and I can imagine the peace of no cars and only the boats :)


Is Venice entirely car-less? In Hong Kong, there are islands (e.g., Lamma, Cheung Chau, Peng Chau, etc.) which are ostensibly car-less but have a couple of vehicles owned by the police and fire services, one of which operates as an emergency ambulance.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, what an adorable bike with training wheels. Love the all gold look and label too. And an lol on the buick. I think you're right about the purpose of the camera, preventing some graffiti artist from doing their thing on it. :) I also love Venice for not having cars and enjoy watching all the boats move about the city.

Wonderful photos and take on this week's theme. Have a great weekend.

Love the golden motorcycle. And the Buick is an eyesore, it should be removed! ;)

I love Venice but have only been there twice on two cruise, arriving at 7AM in the morning, overnighting and sailing the next evening about 5P. Managed to get in plenty of sightseeing, had lunch at Harry's Bar one of the times and took hundreds of pictures. As a nurse, I really got a kick out of the water ambulance.

Great pics!

My Saturday Photo Hunting is about India, what else. Only 45 days left of my six months stay. I'll be back in San Francisco on Dec 3rd, in time for Christmas!

The golden bike is too cute! Pleasantly surprised to hear that there are no cars in Venice. :)

I know Venice quiet well and it's so funny to see firemen, police, etc on boats and not in a car !

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe:

You know I love any photos of Venice... We are zipping this weekend (no photos of gondolas :-) )

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