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Inside San Lorenzo

I first wrote about the church of San Lorenzo in 2007. At that time, it was deconsecrated and had been closed for decades, and was best known for being the church that Commissario Guido Brunetti can see from his office window in the Donna Leon series of mystery novels set in Venice. San Lorenzo was also known for its cat condos and the small group of homeless cats who lived there.

Then in 2012, we got the news that San Lorenzo was going to re-open as the Biennale venue for Mexico.

Vern, a Hoosier in Venice, visited the church this fall and sent these photos to me. Thanks so much to him for allowing me to share them on my site. It's fascinating to see the church decoration that remains and also the amount of restoration work that's needed (those big holes in the floor!).

The church was divided by this choir screen with a high altar that faced in two directions so that the nuns could attend Mass but not be seen by the public. Most convent churches had nuns' galleries where the nuns could be hidden upstairs, so San Lorenzo's plan is rather unique.



San Lorenzo NorthFrontNave2

San Lorenzo NorthFrontNave1

San Lorenzo LArch

San Lorenzo Cherub

San Lorenzo CenterRoodScreen~

I was happy to see that the cats are still there! Their shelters have been moved from the porch of the church to the bottom of the steps, adjacent to the former convent which is now a retirement home.

San Lorenzo CatShelter

Coming soon, a look inside another deconsecrated church, Sant'Anna. Thanks Vern!

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, I wonder why the nuns had to be hidden or separated from the public. That's very interesting. After the restoration, I bet this church will be so beautiful. How cool to see the cat condos. Many thanks to your friend for sharing these photos.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are enjoying the holidays.


Wonderful photos, very interesting! It is especially great to see the cat sanctuary, they must love hunting and playing and staying out of the rain inside the church!

Wow, what a treat to see these photos of San Lorenzo. Thank you Vern and Annie!

I am dying to get inside those barely chained doors of Sant'Anna. I love peering inside and I can't wait to see the photos!

Thanks Annie and Vern for sharing these pictures with all of us. Once completely restored, this church will be another Venetian gem.

What a treat to see these excellent photos. Thank you, Annie and Vern. And, Sant'Anna is going to be revealed to us! Wow, that's wonderful news.

Thank you for sharing those great photos with us!

Annie, check your PM's on ST - I am heading over there to write to you.

Hi Nancy, I just sent you an email. Hope you got it! Cheers, Annie

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