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PhotoHunt: Two

Campo Do Pozzi

"Campo Do Pozzi" translates to a campo with two wells. But as you can see in the photo below, there's only one well there today. What happened to the other one?

(Kudos to the resident of this campo who was trying to stuff his trash into the trash can despite the fact that his neighbors had dumped their trash alongside the well.)

Campo Do Pozzi

But check this out. On the side of the one remaining well, there's a relief that shows two wells! This well dates back to the 16th century, and the fact that they chose to honor the existence of two wells shows us how important wells were back in the day before modern plumbing (a time I can't and don't want to imagine!)~

Campo Do Pozzi

There's a beautiful shrine in this campo too with an image of Titian's Assunta inside~

Campo Do Pozzi

Campo Do Pozzi

Campo Do Pozzi

Thanks for visiting and have a good weekend.

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Comments (12)

I love this campo! I have never noticed the relief on the wellhead showing two wells though.
Darn it, I just came home! Something to look forward to on a future trip.

How many times have I crossed this campo and never noticed the capitelo? Blame it to the sensory overload that we all suffer in Venice or just plain stupidity on my part. Thanks for posting!!

Susie and Daniel,

Thanks to you for your comments! I saw both comments at the same time and the contrast really made me smile!

Just goes to show that it takes a village (a global village!) for us to explore and see Venezia!


Sorry for harping on a negative bit but I sure do hope that trash got picked up soon after that photo!

On a more positive note: thanks for showing yet another part of residential -- vs tourist -- Venice. :)

PS - there are a couple of other reliefs on this wellhead that I'll post soon. :O

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, what a lovely campo. And that is a beautiful shrine. The metal bars looks decorative too. Your plumbing comment made me smile. I'll have to find a photo of it, but I took a photo of one of the bathrooms used by the Incas on Machu Picchu. The explanation the guide gave was pretty funny. I love the cool well. Yes, kudos to the Italian guy not taking the easy way out by leaving it on the side. Very cool photos.

Have a great weekend.

These are wonderful choices for two. That was funny how he struggled to get his trash into the full can.

Interesting find and great capture for the theme. :) Its sad to see when someone just dumps their garbage like that. But nice that the other fellow was trying to do the right thing.


To think that one of the wells had possibly disappeared by 16th century is mind blowing. Have you any idea, Annie, on your influence on us venetophiles? Just back from a short break and every time we see a shrine one of us will say, ' I wonder if Annie has seen this?' Back of the Carmini?

It was one of the locations from Pane e Tulipani I visited last year but I didn't notice the relief or Assunta. I will certainly visit this campo again in May. Thanks for the info.

Maybe the guy who named the street was cross eyed and saw the pozzo in double ??


I always marvel at how wonderfully you capture the essence of Venice in your photos. Must be the love with with you take them. :)

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