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PhotoHunt: Wine

These big glass jugs of wine are familar sights in Italy. I'm not sure what the Italian word for them is, but maybe someone else will know.

The four jugs in the first photo were empty, sitting outside in a campo in Venice. My guess is that someone picked them up and brought them back refilled. When you order the "house wine" in Italy, it often comes from one of these glass jugs (and the glass is protected by the basket surrounding it).

Vino Venice

Here's another one, sitting on a barrel outside Osteria da Alberto (a great place to eat if you're ever in Venice).

Vino Venice

This is a half bottle of wine - nice for when you are dining alone and don't want to get completely sloshed.

Vino Venice

And last but not least, a glass of prosecco. It's light and bubbly and delicious!

Vino Venice

Thanks for visiting and have a good weekend.

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Comments (11)

Great post for wine. The only name I know of for barrels of wine is a vat. By the way, you got that right about the cold. I went for a walk today when it was around 16 degrees F with the feels like temp at 8 F. Brrrrrr That said I'll take cold over being too hot any day. Happy Weekend!

The half bottle is a lovely idea :) Great pics and unfortunately I don't know the name either so can't help out there. Happy weekend Annie!

Your take on the wine theme is pretty fascinating. Must see Venice, really!!!


Those are some big jugs of wine! Great photos. Now I want a glass of prosecco (and to be sitting in Venice sipping it!) ;)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, I wonder how many glasses those big jugs can fill. It's almost like our water delivery. Empty bottles left outside to be replaced by full ones, only they are wine delivery in Italy. So cool!

I didn't realize they will sell half bottles too. I love prosecco so your last photo has me wishing I was in Venice sipping on a glass right now.

I really enjoyed your take and photo collection. Have a wonderful weekend.


I'm not a wine drinker normally but I would happily drink one glass -- but just one, mind! -- of prosecco! ;b

I only drink red wine. Would like to try Prosecco, let's see if I can find it in Singapore.

Being married with an Italian I met the Italian wine in his family when we were freshly married ! Each uncle, friends or other family members made the wine themselves or knew somebody who made wine and of course I had to taste them all ! I think the first time I was really boozed each evening !
The next year I went on strike !

I've never seen wine like that before. I think that the house wine there must be very good though.

I think the Italian word for those whoppers is "damigiana", like our demijohn.

Yvonne, thank you!

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