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PhotoHunt: Water

A charming piece of street art in Venice showing The Baptism of Christ. I love how the artist carved those squiggly lines to represent the water.


This carving is very small and can be found above the entrance to a home, in between the street number and an electric light.


A carving of John the Baptist can also be found on this unusual cube-shaped vera da pozzo (well head) in the campo behind the church of San Giovanni in Bragora ~


And here's a well surrounded by water in a flooded campo. I wasn't able to get close to this one to see if any saints were carved on it.


Thanks for visiting and have a good weekend.

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Comments (10)

Wonderful carvings to represent water and I also love the well for water. Happy Weekend!

That is a lovely carving and a creative way to depict the water of the baptism. :) What a neat find! Great pics :) Happy weekend Annie

i love that last image. all he doors and windows and the reflection below.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, what a precious carving. You are so good at finding these wonderful finds in Venice. I probably would've walked right by this wonderful carving. Was the flooding due to Acqua Alta. Gosh that visual brings back memories of my trip. I miss Venice. I wonder how many square well heads there are. I don't remember seeing any.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Amazing to see such artistry among the mundane! :)

Very special interpretation of the theme !


What an interesting sculpture to have above the doorway. Such a cool little thing to notice in Venice. Great post!

What wonderful photos you chose to illustrate the theme! I think I have walked by the cube shaped wheel-head many times and never noticed it's unusual shape. Thank you for pointing it out!

I've never seen a cube shaped well head. Which campo is it located?

Thanks everyone for your comments.

Kathy, there's another cube shaped well out on Torcello but I don't remember seeing another one in Venice proper.

Junko, you can find it in Campiello del Piovan.

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