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March 1, 2014

PhotoHunt: Steps

There are so many steps in Venice (all those bridges!), but I didn't have a lot of photos of them. I did find a few though.

Here are some steps with a wooden barricade at the bottom. Check out all those green plants growing from the stones. Nature prevails!

Venice steps

Steps leading up to some apartments. More green plants here. It's good to live in upper stories in Venice since ground-level apartments can fall victim to acqua alta (flooding).

Venice steps

A set of steps in this photo and also the high rise sidewalks that you walk on when acqua alta rises. Stepping up onto these platforms can be challenging!

Venice steps

These steps look slippery~

Venice steps

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March 6, 2014

Two More Reliefs

Earlier this year, I wrote about Campo Do Pozzi and showed a photo of the relief on the side of the vera da pozzo (well head) that shows two wells.

There are a couple of other reliefs on that same well. There's something poignant about these weather-beaten saints (and I learned their identities from one of my books; I didn't recognize them on sight).

Both of these images are related to churches in parishes close to Campo Do Pozzi. The church of San Martino is still standing, but Santa Ternita was demolished in the 19th century. I've started looking for info about Santa Ternita and hope to do a post about that church soon. :)

San Martino

Campo Do Pozzo

Three Angels symbolizing the Holy Trinity (Santa Ternita)

Campo San Pozzo

March 29, 2014

PhotoHunt: Trees

There aren't a lot of trees in Venice, but there are more than you might expect. Here are a few.

A sweet little tree next to a vera da pozzo~

trees in Venice

A sculpture surrounded by trees. Not sure who this guy is (he looks like he's doing calisthenics)~

trees in Venice

Several trees plus the bell tower of San Vidal.
This one was taken from a vaporetto going down the Grand Canal~

San Vidal

And here's my favorite. One of my walking tour guide books mentions in passing that "at the 17th century Palazzo Surian, a tree can be seen sticking out from a window."

Yes, it can but why? Another Venetian mystery!

trees in Venice

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