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PhotoHunt: Steps

There are so many steps in Venice (all those bridges!), but I didn't have a lot of photos of them. I did find a few though.

Here are some steps with a wooden barricade at the bottom. Check out all those green plants growing from the stones. Nature prevails!

Venice steps

Steps leading up to some apartments. More green plants here. It's good to live in upper stories in Venice since ground-level apartments can fall victim to acqua alta (flooding).

Venice steps

A set of steps in this photo and also the high rise sidewalks that you walk on when acqua alta rises. Stepping up onto these platforms can be challenging!

Venice steps

These steps look slippery~

Venice steps

Thanks for visiting and have a good weekend.

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Comments (8)

A little moss on steps sure adds a nice personal touch.
I seen some home and garden show that they add low growing herbs and moss between stones.

Mine is up and coffee is on

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, yes nature sure does find its way. Love your photo collection. Its funny but at first I found walking on the platforms a little scary when others were also walking on them and you have to move to the side. But these boards are so sturdy and people can come and go on them moving both ways on them, no problems.

Have a wonderful weekend.

I can feel my legs, climbing up all these steps :)!

I like the steps you found. Venice is so beautiful. Happy Weekend!

I am always intrigued by those slime covered steps that you can see going down into the canals. Was the water level that low . . . has the land sunk . . .Sometimes they go down feet!


Them fitting the theme aside, what I like about these photos is that you show a picturesque side of Venice that nonetheless is not full of tourists/other people! :)


Wow, these are amazing. You find the most interesting corners to photograph!!

That calle with the platforms out for acqua alta looked very familiar! The apartment I'm in is just up the bridge steps and around the corner.

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