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Still Life

When I saw this week's PhotoHunt theme, I immediately thought of Tom Robbins' great novel, Still Life with Woodpecker, which begins with a quote from Erica Jong: "There are no such things as still lifes."

I guess it depends on how you define "still" or inanimate. When I think of still life in art, fruit and flowers come to mind. They can't get up and walk around, but they are alive and changing, not really still.

Anyway, here's an interesting painting by Giorgio de Chirico (1888-1978) called "Still Life in a Venetian Landscape." The apples are "still" but the lagoon landscape is not! This was done during the artist's neo-Baroque phase; a couple of his more surrealist paintings are in the Peggy Guggenheim collection in Venice. I like the colors - you can click on it to see it larger.

Still life in Venetian landscape

I found very few photos I'd taken in Venice that work for this theme. Though I guess technically a street shrine might be called still life? I did find a few more classic still life views.

A basket of pomegranates and squash at a trattoria by a canal~

still life

Still Life with Digital Clock, taken at the B&B where I stayed the last time I was in Venice.

still life

Another scene from the B&B~

still life

Thanks for visiting and have a good weekend.

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Comments (9)

These are all great for the theme and very appealing. Happy Easter Weekend!

I love the painting and your choices for "still life"!
Happy Easter.

Lovely examples of still life :) Happy Easter!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, wonderful photo collection for the theme. I like the quote and I find your thoughts on the subject thought provoking and really interesting. The painting is amazing and the blending of still life and motion together is very beautiful. Your B&B has a lovely decor and I love the combination of the pumpkin and pomegranates.

Have a wonderful Easter.

Colourful and beautiful pictures for this week's theme. Happy Easter!


Good choice of images! I really like that painting which combines still life and landscape subjects. :)

Beautiful collection of still lives !


Love the Jong quote...tis true, life is so not still! Maybe that's why I'm often drawn to Caravaggio's decaying scenes, at least the passage of time is represented! lol

These images have life in them too. I like the lagoon scene, lots of motion!


Hey Annie...thought you might like to hear my latest news, so here it is, hot off my facebook status update:

"Hooray, hooray, hooray!! I was one of 2 (out of 11) candidates to get offered an internship site today!!! And it's perfect for me...it's a church in a town where I don't know anyone (so no pre-existing impressions on either side), only a couple hours' drive from home but it has a manse(house). So I'll live right in the community with my congregation, my family can come stay on weekends, and I can easily go home on my own days off. And it's also less than an hour's drive from my best friend's place. I am happy dancing on cloud nine right now!!! LIFE IS GOOD!!!!"

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