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A few more dragons

A few years ago, I wrote about my small and accidental collection of dragons in Venice. Here are a few more!

These first two came from Lawrence, a serious dragon hunter/collector who found a couple of obscure ones on his last trip to Venice. This first one is on the facade of Palazzo Dandolo, which was being restored for quite some time but finally the scaffolding came down, and St.George and the dragon were revealed.

Palazzo Dandolo

This second one is in Campo de la Tana, a campo with a gate. I photographed this one through the bars of the gate, but Lawrence was lucky to find the gate unlocked and was able to get a better image of it.

Campo de la Tana

This third dragon was shared by Bert - this is Santa Margherita and her dragon in an altar in San Nicolo dei Mendicoli. The dragon is funny looking - is he smiling? More likely, he's grimacing about being chained to the saint (who looks very peaceful and unconcerned about the fire-breathing creature at her side).

Santa Margherita and the dragon

Thanks to Lawrence and Bert for allowing me to share these pics. :)

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Comments (5)

Very cool! I've missed visiting your blog while I took a wee blogging vacation :) I adore dragons, and I have a St George pendant that I wear on occasion. Enjoyed this post and great pics :)

Love this. Such a wonderful reminder of the tiny details hidden away - it is as if they are left there for slowtravelers to notice. :-)


Annie, some years ago we visited SS Maria e Donato on Murano to see the dragon bones there after reading about them on your blog. I've tried to find your reference to them again and I can't find it!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, wonderful post and much thanks to your friends for sharing their photos.

Have a wonderful week.


Hi Andrew, here is the post about the dragon bones in SS Maria e Donato!

Thanks everyone for your comments.

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