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A Mystery Shrine

shrine in Venice

I've never seen this shrine in person and have no idea where in Venice it is. I'm hoping that someone who reads my blog knows!

A friend of mine took this photo in 2003 - with film (remember film?) and thus she doesn't have the digital clues of date/time/what other photos were taken close to this one.

It was her first and only trip to Venice, and she doesn't know what sestiere she was in (in fact, she said that she might have taken it on Murano since she spent part of a day out there).

Here is the uncropped photo below. Please let me know if you have seen it!

shrines 001

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Comments (6)

Oh wow! Wherever it is located it truly is lovely. Great pic and yes I do remember film. I'm an oldster ;)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, I wish I knew where this shrine is to help your friend identify it. Where ever it is, it's a beautiful shrine. I love the flowers propped in the corner.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Have a great weekend.

I'll be waiting to see if anyone can tell where this shrine is.

May I please post the photo on Facebook, there are many Venetians who might help us!

Yvonne, yes that's a great idea. Please let me know if anyone recognizes it. Thanks, Annie

Grace Darling:

I am tempted to suggest you put the photo on a Facebook page for bricklayers & masons. Somebody is bound to recognise that dodgy mortar patch-up job!

Definitely not Grollo & Son.

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