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A new problem

Basilica sea gulls

It made me sad to read this article in The Venice Times about how Venice's legendary pigeon problem is now a seagull problem. As with so many of the other challenges facing Venice, I have no solutions. But does anyone want to go to Venice or any other city where there are no birds or other creatures besides humans? I've always sympathized with the Venetian pigeons (even though I didn't like being swarmed by them when I was eating a panini outdoors). And as I wrote on my blog early on, I once saw a seagull kill and eat the heart of a pigeon in Piazza San Marco. Romantic Venice, not!
They aren't that lovable, but don't seagulls have the right to live in a city by the sea? It's kinda overwhelming to think about and yes, maybe I'm a dreamer, but I hope that someday nature will be in balance - not just in Venice, but everywhere on our beautiful out-of-whack planet Earth.

seagulls in Venice

seagulls in Venice

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Annie, I have mixed feelings about the pigeons in Venice. In a way they seem to be a part of scene in San Marco plaza. But I think too many can be a bit much. At work the City has these black boxes hidden away and out of sight, which emits a sound that drives the pigeons away. We can't hear it , but the pigeons sure can.

Your photos are beautiful. I miss Venice.

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