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Daze off...

What is it about days off, anyway? They take forever to get here, and then phhhsssssst! The little suckers are gone in a heartbeat.

This week, I thought Friday would never roll around...'course, the clients from hell and beyond didn't help. You know, those people totally incapable of a positive thought, never mind a positive comment about anything, God forbid! What is it about the toxic playmates of the Universe? Don't they know that people run madly, like a herd of suicidal lemmings...{oxymoron?}....when they see these folk coming around the corners of their lives?

Had a couple in my office, looking at rentals...the conversation with the guy flowed sorta like this...

"So, you are looking for a rental for your family?"

"...uhhhhh, yeah......"

"Any thoughts as to what it should look like?"


"OK, let's try this...are you looking for a duplex or 4-plex...or would you rather have an apartment or a stand-alone property?"

".....uhhhhnnnn...don't care..."

See, along about now, I wanna pop him one...and I'm not a violent person...but here's this guy with the most darling children ever, and a really sweet wife. They're all spit and polish, spotless clothing, hair trimmed and brushed shiny-clean...and he's being a grog about this. They have just been transferred to town, they will be moving in the next 2 weeks, rental accoms. are next-to-non-existant here...and he's lollygagging...

"I have to ask you something here, Randy..." I breathed sloooowly..."What's the issue you have with this transfer?"

He uncoiled his Levi-clad legs, leaned forward, elbows on my desk and stared at me, hard and angry-like...

"I hate this town."

OK, that'll do it, fella...push one of my happy buttons and I'm heading for my soapbox, now!
Another deep breath, I leaned forward toward him, and asked him, "Why?"

"I grew up in Vancouver and out on the Island, just outside of Victoria. This ain't no Victoria."

Tears crowded the edges of his daughter's eyes, overflowed her lashes and splashed down her cheeks. She was clearly embarrassed and in an uncomfortable place for a small girl. His wife found a kleenex, hurriedly wiped her little girl's face and wrapped her in warm arms, hugging her tightly. Between the family's obvious discomfort with his behaviour and his painfully obvious displeasure at being transferred to a small town and no ocean within hollering distance, it started to come clear to me...a transfer he didn't want, a move he couldn't control and a home he hated leaving.

"There's a funny thing about this town," I told him. "If you used to live in a place you loved totally, with friends who treated you wonderfully and neighbors you got along with like family...you'll find this town is exactly the same as that. And, if you hated the place you lived before, if you never managed to make even one friend, and the neighbors were complete and total bug-nuts, you'll find this town exactly the same."

A puzzled look flitted across his features...and I lost patience with him. "Here's the thing, if you think this town is the armpit of the Universe, it will be.....and if you think it's the best place you've ever lived, it will be that. You decide. I'm going to make a cup of tea for your wife."

As I stood up to make tea, his anger broke, and he laughed out loud...."That's sweet, ma'am...you sound just like my mom there...that's how she talked to me...feels like home, a little bit now!" He came over to the counter, filled the kettle for me, and plugged it in. "Where do you keep the mugs, ma'am?"

...days off arrived, finally...along with a new understanding of people...sometimes when someone is angry and seems ready to rip my face off, it's not me he's angry with...it's just life itself. A life he can't control or change to his liking...a life that's skewed sideways, in spite of his best efforts, rolling over him in the process...

...days off and I'm sitting with a glass of perfectly chilled white Orvieto wine, a huge dish of freshly popped and buttered popcorn on my lap...thinking about my last trip to my favorite beach on this ever-lovin' planet...

...days off, and I just spent a couple of hours with a friend, bouncing around the idea of a "Chicks Trip" to Nova Scotia next summer for all 8 of us, friends and best buds...

..days off, and I'm thanking all that is Holy that I live in a place I love, with friends and family who adore me and I don't have to move...ever....unless I choose it...or unless the gods conspire against me.....

...a gentle reminder that I occasionally get to my favorite
beach in the world...

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