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I have a good job....

Realtors...some people love us, some don't...
Guess that's what happens when life dishes out some really not-very-kind people to take care of you when you need help. I think I am a good realtor...not because I sell a lot, which I do...sometimes, and not because I get really nice letters of testimony, which I do...sometimes. I think I'm a good realtor because I love what I do. It's that simple...I love this job. Today, for instance, I got a call from a client who just bought the very first-ever spec home I've been priviledged to put on the market.

What's a spec home? One that a builder builds on speculation...speculating that someone may want to buy it. I've been looking for a great builder for a very long time, it feels like...and this spring, I called Dennis...a builder...and very nonchalantly told him I thought we should be working together. He said, "Hey! I was just thinking the same thing! When can we talk?"

I believe in flow...call it serendipity, whatever...things happening as they should, or as they are meant to. And this felt dangerously like flow to me! After all, I've been looking for a builder for, oh, I don't know...about 3 years, now? So, to call this guy, have him answer the phone on the first ring and tell me that he'd been thinking about calling me to tell me the same thing? Too freakin' weird, I tell ya!

After Dennis and I talked for a few hours, and his dad came to talk everything over in my office for another few hours...we have a handshake deal. That's my kind of deal...good old-fashioned down-home honor, integrity, trust...all that stuff. There isn't any other way to conduct business in my book. This was the way my grandfather did business for over 80 years, and it works...but only if the other guy has the same values and integrity, right? Dennis' dad says he always does business with a handshake. He figures the other guy might screw him, but he also knows that the other guy will only screw him one time. Good philosophy...I think I'm going to like working with these two!

So, here we are...Dennis, his father and I...with a handshake and a promise...and we are putting some really beautiful houses into the ground. Homes that I'm really truly proud to show to my clients...homes that I can walk through with them and know that they are getting quality product.

A few years ago, I'd not have thought this possible...but it is a reality now, for sure! Funny what happens when I trust the Universe to give me what I need...it's always far beyond what I'd choose, if left to my own devices. My own limitations come smack in my face, when I'm confronted with what is actually provided for me...and then I compare it with what I would have asked for, if I'd been able to design it. Never the same, it just never is...not even close. So, I've learned to ask for way more than I think I might possibly receive, and then turn it over to the Universal energy to decide what I'm going to receive.

Dennis is a bad boy, a sweet-talker and a charmer...he can talk his way out of a wet paper bag, I swear! Nothing pleases him more than being able to walk into my office, see a stuffy, arrogant client sitting in consultation with me, and say to me, making sure the stuffy client hears every word... "Hi, honey...I'm home!" Then he walks, snickering, into his own office, leaving the client sputtering and apoplectic...and me searching for a way to calm the waters he's so perfectly disturbed. Dennis just hired an assistant...not that he hasn't needed one for a few years. I've been ragging at him for months to take time off, take time with his wife and children, let someone else answer the bloody cell phone...and he's done it! Hired an assistant...and now has the problem of letting this new guy actually do some of the work!

We started building spec homes this spring...and Dennis' father and I named them after our grandchildren. I told him to go first, because his grandchildren are young, whereas mine are in, and around, their teens...and I thought it might not be very "cool" to have houses springing up in town, with their names pinned on the blueprints!

This first spec home was started early this year, and I had a buyer for it within days after the walls started going up. Some buyers can't see what the home will look like until it has been primed and painted...these clients not only saw what this home would look like, but what they could do with it while it was being finished.

They picked their colors for interior walls and exterior siding, picked their flooring, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, bathroom and kitchen taps and cabinetry. Today, she called me and invited me to come for a tour! They take possession in 3 days, and it's almost finished...the carpenter is there putting the finishing touches on the pale, honey-colored oak cabinetry, the painter is applying the 3rd and final coat of persimmon in the bathrooms...as well as the deep chocolate matte finish in the master bedroom. Kitchen lino that looks like an iridescent alligator's hide has been installed and looks....really, really nice!

The electrician is wrestling with the problem of the light fixture in the kitchen, over the island, being in the wrong place. Huge cardboard boxes, split open and laid out flat, form a sort-of sidewalk from the front steps to the street. We walked through, tipsy-toesing over and around an assortment of insulation pieces, chunks of electrical wire and open paint cans...and we both agreed this home is one gorgeous place...from the cocoa-colored bedroom to the toffee shade in the kitchen, this one's definitely a winner!

So, today was a good day in the life of this realtor...another happy homeowner with another gorgeous home.

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