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The little guy won!

Hey! Guess what? Remember when I did the Pumpkin Daze pumpkin giveaway for our Food Bank fundraiser? If you don't remember it, that's because you didn't read my previous post, maybe...

So,anyway, the manager at our favorite grocery store brought in a huge, honkin' pumpkin, then set it down right in the middle of the pumpkin display, so all the kids could take their turn guessing how much it weighed.

Guess who won? No, really....guess? My youngest grandson! He's all of 8 years old, and he wins this killer pumpkin...absolutely awesome! He gets his picture on the front page of the paper, then makes the entertainment section as well 'cause he enters his much smaller and much easier-to-carry pumpkin in our local Fire Department Annual Pumpkin Carving Competition...and wins first prize in his category...his 15 minutes of fame and he's only 8? That kid is really going places, let me tell you!

Oh, yeah...you probably want to know what his prize was.
The 152 pound killer pumpkin!

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