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A Star is Born...no, really....it's true!

My rock star grandson! This was an amazing evening! The concert was awesome...we were in the school gym with the guys on stage, all their equipment being set up by their roadies and each band member tuning, tightening, re-tuning, pacing and generally trying to shake off their pre-concert jitters.

They'd set up a few bleacher seats, and a couple of wooden benches that normally support the backsides of the various volleyball and basketball teams that play here.
Tonight, those benches were supporting very different backsides...namely family members ranging from a grandmother...me!...to a very proud stepfather and an uber-proud mother, four siblings ranging from 8 t0 20, another grandmother, and a very proud father and step-mother, a step-sister and a favorite uncle, and also a cross-section of high school classmates.

Aside from the usual glitches with the sound system, this concert was a hit, at least it was for me. My grandson was a little concerned before the concert that this might not be my kind of music. He was right, it wasn't, but you know what? I simply stuffed my ears with some kleenex, wrapped my grandson's girlfriend's sweatjacket around my legs to keep warm and totally enjoyed watching Tris pick a mean bass guitar. With his lemon yellow cap, West Coast Choppers sweatshirt, black leather studded wristbands and silver bling-bling hanging from a mega-chain around his neck, he was every inch a ssssssssuperstar!

They played for the better part of an hour, everything from heavy metal to love songs...then instrumental pieces that showcased the lead guitarist's hot licks, the rhythm player's heavy hands, the lead singer/drummer's raw rasp of a voice and the bass player's perfect thud-thud that drove the rhythm of each song. I'd guess that around 60 people showed up, mostly classmates and friends, but there were about 15 adults as well. Not a bad turnout for a debut concert!

A brave group of guests made their way to the dance floor, clicked on their lighters and waved the flames to the music, just like a real concert. There were several students on the floor just gettin' down, big time! Applause after every song, bolstered by ear-splitting whistles and heartfelt cheering told me that these four young men had the audience right there with them.

After the last song, the drummer tossed autographed drumsticks to the crowd and then the band posed for photos...mugging for the cameras, striking very cool poses and looking a little embarrassed with the attention that was flowing their way. I had a moment with Tris to let him know that I am so incredibly proud of him and it was an honour for me to be personally invited to his first concert. Of course, because he's the king of cool, there were no Grandma-hugs, no Grandma kisses all over his head and face like when he was four and five...just a quiet moment to let him know that I think he is, and always has been, simply the best. My best little boy in the whole wide world has grown up into the best rock star in the whole wide world...

As usual, I forgot my camera, but his mom, my daughter, will email me some and I promise you that they will appear at the bottom of this as soon as I can post them...watch for them coming soon to a blog site near you!

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