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Now I Know What My Clients Go Through!

Buying a new home should be a happy thing...last Friday, after the miscellaneous financial persons at the banks had their way with me...and I don't mean THAT way, although I kinda think it would have been more enjoyable than what happened....I had one of those afternoons when anything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

See, 2 weeks ago, I called my local bank, asked the financial person to run me through their system for pre-approval for a mortgage or line of credit on this new house. Simple, hmmm?
You'd think so.

A day later, this financial person called me to tell me she was going on holidays, and she'd pass the file on to her manager. Simple, still? You'd think....

I waited almost 2 weeks, then called the manager to see where she was with this pre-approval stuff, and she stumbled all over herself apologizing for not even LOOKING at the damn thing...she's been soooo busy with her financial person on holidays! See, now it's not sooo simple, is it?

The next day, the financial person is back from holidays, she takes the file back, is humbly apologetic for the manager doing nada, fills out the documentation and then tells me she has to send it to the financial person at the bank in the next town, some Kim-chick, because she's leaving on holidays AGAIN! Not simple at all....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

So, this Kim-chick now has the file, takes a day and a half, fills out some documents, calls me and tells me it is being sent to "head office" wherever-the-hell that is. It will be back momentarily, she assures me, but she'll have it transferred BACK to the manager-who-does-nothing at my local bank, 'cause SHE...this Kim-chick....is going on holidays! Surpriiiiise!

Does this sound like an efficient way to conduct business? If I ran my real estate office like this, I'd not even be able to sell an ant-hill to anyone.

So, my file is now sitting in some office "IN" basket, at head office. I have no idea when or where it will appear, nor whether or not it will be approved. Sure inspires confidence in a financial institution, doesn't it?

I'm taking the day off, soaking in a hot tub with a huge heap of epsom salts and some aromatherapy oil, drinking the last of my vin santo and eating the last 3 cantucci I brough back from Florence...that'll definitely help! Monday is another day and by then, the power that holds the planets in their orbits will hopefully spin these financial persons off this planet and send them to Mars, or somewhere. Simple, isn't it?

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