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This morning I went out to my garden and began the ritual of cleaning out the detritus of winter from the tree and flower beds. I love this time of year...as I'm clipping off the dead, withered stalks of last year's growth, I see under the soil's surface the new shoots and new stems of my hardy perennials peeking through, as if to see what the weather's like today. After cleaning up the back yard beds, I moved to the side bed along the front sidewalk, and began cleaning it out. As I clipped and snipped I noticed the fresh new growth on my roses, in the branches of my weeping crabapple tree, and on the miniature cedar shrubs.

The last area I began to clean up edges the sidewalk as it joins with my driveway. Last year, I planted a huge, gorgeous hydrangea, dripping with round flower clusters in a delicate shade of mauve-pink, right beside the driveway. Because the hydrangea was an annual, I was expecting to pull it out of the soil, toss it in the compost and replace it later this spring with another freshly-blooming plant. So, I was totally surprised and more than a little delighted to see a dozen mint-green tips of new growth peeking out of the soil, right at the base of the old growth from last year!

Sitting back on my driveway, I looked closer at the new growth and smiled! Sometimes there are little miracles when you least expect them and this was one of those. I was so certain that this would be another bit of fibre for my compost. Instead, it is a little piece of sunshine in an otherwise grey and rainy spring day.

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