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You're In Oil Country Now!

Ok, I know it...I love hockey!
Not the weeky games played over the regular season, although if I lived a little closer to Edmonton, I'd have seasons' tickets for every single Oiler's game, I truly would.
No, I mean this playoff stuff...games that go into triple overtime and are tied til the last few minutes of the 3rd overtime period. That's totally ridiculous! It ended around 1:20 A.M., and the next day you could guess which of us stayed up til the last second of the last overtime period, when my beloved Oilers scored in sudden-death, setting the Sharks back a few paces.
I mean the game on Friday night...when the Oil were down 3 - 1, and then came back with 5....count 'em...5 unanswered goals to whip the Sharks 6 - 3.
6 - 3!
Can you imagine?
In playoff hockey?

That goal by Samsonov, as he skated out of the penalty box...it was beaut! He really saved his ass on that one...coulda been the goat, if the Sharks had scored, but no, he walked out of that situation with horseshoes in every pocket!

Ryan Smith, gritty, grinding, groggy from the pain and the painkillers he's most likely taking by the mittful. After taking a clearing pass in the mouth from Chris Pronger in the last game, after scooping teeth up from the ice surface and spending the next few minutes getting several stitches in his lip, he came back and played the rest of that game and then was spectacular in this one. Not only played, he kicked some serious Sharkbutt!

On it goes.
Kids who are anywhere from 18 to men in their mid-thirties, this team's got it buff, for sure. They've grown, changed and have now become a solid team, both defensively and offensively. Craig MacT's doing a steady, strong job as coach, Charlie Huddy is behind the bench as well, and Kevin Lowe in the GM's seat...it smells sweetly of the Oilers' dynasty that I first fell in love with!

There's no point to this post tonight...just me ragging on about this team. Tomorrow night, there's a 5th game from the Sharktank in San Jose. It will be noisy as hell in there, and our guys will rise above the noise, and walk home with the next game ready to go in front of their hometown fans in the old library, as Rexall Place used to be called.

I'll make a bowl of fresh popcorn, pour a glass of wine and grab my snuggy quilt to curl up on the sofa and watch the game. I don't know what you're going to be doing tomorrow night at 5:00 P.M. If you've got any red Canuck blood flowing in your arteries at all, you'll join me!

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