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Push vs Power!

A few years ago, I bought an electric lawnmower from Home Hardware.
Because it was lightweight and I could start it easier than a pull-type gas-powered jobbie.
I got extremely tired of flipping the 100' cord overhead with every turn of my yard.

Last year, I bought a rechargeable lawnmower from Canadian Tire.
I thought this would be the cat's meow.
It wasn't.
For starters, it has a cutting path of 12", for crying in my soup!
D'you know how long it would take to mow the average lawn with that teensy little thing?
Not only that, the huge and heavy rechargeable battery on top of the mower only holds a charge for about 30 minutes of mowing time and is incredibly heavy!

This year...yesterday, in fact...I bought a push mower.
That's right, a push mower...no motor, no rechargeable battery, no gas and oil to mix and match.
A mower that is silent, except for a gentle whssss-ing sound, so I can mow when I want and no one in my neighbourhood is going to come screaming down the alley because I'm waking them up on a Saturday morning!

I stopped in at Home Hardware to pick it up.
I stood and talked about the joys of this kind of mower with a few of the staff at the store who also own one.
These staff members are also women.
They also love their push mowers!

We came to an agreement that the mowers should be painted pink!
Some of the proceeds should go to Breast Cancer Research!
Do you know how many women would buy a push lawnmower then?
Scads, I betcha!

It's 9:00 A.M. Saturday.
I'm going out to mow my lawn, now.

I hope it works, that it isn't too difficult to push
I hope I love this mower as much as the staff at Home Hardware love theirs.
If I do, I'm going to paint it pink!

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