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School's Out!

Today's the last day of school...the kids are out, racing down the hill to get soft ice cream at the drive-in and brain-aching Mr. Freezies from Winks. Their parents are stocking up on Motrin and Advil at the Medicine Bottle, plus a few 2-4 packs of Molson brewskies, several 6-packs of Mike's Hard Lemonade and many bottles of wine at the Oasis Liquor Store, to fortify them against the coming 62 day summer vacation.
1488 hours of children at home.
89, 280 minutes...
5,356,800 seconds of agony, waiting for the class bell to ring in the fall.

I don't know how they do it...teachers, I mean. They have our little progeny for 10/12ths of a year, every year, for 12 or more years.
I'd be nuts.
I'd be completely looney-spooney mad.

My family are mostly teachers, God bless 'em.
I have a couple of very good friends who also are teachers, and I have no idea how they maintain their sanity in that environment.
It's not the kids, although God knows, there are some of the little suckers that warrant closed-quarter confinement.
No, it's not the kids.
It's the politics, the record keeping by the ton and the hundred and one other jobs that teachers are asked to do, after they've finished teaching our kids.

They are at one time or another nurse, psychiatrist, pet hugger, puke-cleaner-upper, bandaid hander-outer and general all-round parent-in-absentia for the kids in their classrooms.
So it's fitting, I think, that teachers get a couple of short breaks at Christmas and Easter, and then a lusciously, lovely, long 2 month break right smack in the middle of spectacularly sunshine-splashed days of summer.

When better to recharge their batteries, recoup their strength and regroup for the coming school term, I ask ya? When better than in the most wonderful days of the year...

So, pour a brewski, tip back a cold Mike's Hard Lemonade and raise your glasses high to those intrepid men and women who brave the classroom daily and wade into the chaotic fray known as teaching.
Here's to ya, my lovelies...cheers!
Na zdrowie!
Gan bei!
Here's mud in your eye!
Have yourselves a good one...it'll roll by all too fast.

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Thank you so much!

I'm on the count down with one more week to go and I've got parent teacher interview before and after school next week. Your kind words have made my morning. :)

chiaro di luna:

Hi Brenda,
You've redecorated! Nice new look!
I have breakfast with a group of retired and still active teachers once a week in the summer and totally agree with all your comments above.
There are 5 kids living next door to me now and after 2 weeks I think their parents shipped them off to camp because I don't hear all the screaming in their backyard pool like I have every day since mid May. Oh summer holidays were always my favourite time of the year! J.

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