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Raspberries are delectable...

Have you ever made freezer jam?
Freezer jam retains the zing and luscious fresh raspberry taste so beautifully. Cooking the fruit kills a lot of the taste, but the freezer jam's amazing!

Raspberries are my favorite, I swear. My grandparents had a HUGE raspberry patch along the east side of their huge garden, and every single day in the summer, my grandmother would pick buckets of berries, then she'd can them, freeze them, make freezer jam with them, bake raspberry pies and raspberry sour cream pies and freeze them, also....imagine how welcome one of those little puppies was on a cold, frosty winter day in January!

My grandmother would reheat the pie, top it with fresh whipped cream, farm-style, thick as butter and serve it to my grandfather and my uncle for afternoon tea, just before they went out to do the chores in the barn. Coincidentally, I'd be arriving home from school on the bus about that time, so of course, I'd get my fair share, as well...spoiled little girl!

If you need a recipe for freezer jam, I can post one, There are several included in the Certo packages that I buy. Certo is a brand of fruit pectin I use to make freezer jam.
Easy as pie!

“There is something in the red of a raspberry pie that looks as good to a man as the red in a sheep looks to a wolf.” ~ E. W. Howe

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