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It's Almost Christmas!

Well, maybe it's not quite Christmas, but there's only a few weeks left!
The Sears Wish Book has been paged through a few hundred times by my grandchildren. I finally have over half of my gifts purchased and the Christmas cards are sitting on the bottom step of the stairs...hopefully, that will encourage me to begin writing them soon. Knowing the season is just around the corner, I've been thinking back over the years about other Christmases in the past...

Christmas traditions...every family has them.
I started a few of my own, like lighting candles for our family members who have passed, to let them know we've not forgotten about them. It is a way to include their memory in the rest of the festivities.

Christmas pudding...my grandmother made it every single year. Steamed in quart sealers, set in her canning kettle, then served hot with huge dollops of vanilla ice cream and her best ever brown sugar caramel sauce. 1000 calories a serving, I swear. I learned to make it, then continued her tradition. Now my daughter makes it for Christmas dinner.

Brown sugar fudge...my grandmother made 9" x 9" cake pans full of the sweet stuff. She would boil the daylights out of the sugar and butter and cream, then beat that by hand for a few minutes until it began to thicken. Then, quick as a wink, in would go a huge pour of real vanilla. One more stir and then out of the saucepan and into the pan. YUM!

Christmas Eve service at the United Church...always, on Christmas Eve, we'd dress up in our Sunday-going-to-meetin' clothes and spend the evening at the old stone and stuccoed church, singing all of the traditional Christmas carols and listening to the story of Christ's birth read by our minister.

Those are just a few of the lovely memories that surface every year around this time.
The closer it gets, the more often the memories come. As we move closer to December 25th, I know more memories will come up to be savored.

"Away in a manger, no crib for His bed..."

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chiaro di luna:

I'm sure you will have a wonderful Christmas with your loving son and your beautiful grandaughter in Ontario.
Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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