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The Evolution of a Trip

One of the best parts of my life...all 5 of the little scrunchkins!

I love to travel...with a grandchild, when possible.

This year, my 17 year old granddaughter is coming with me to London for a few days and Paris for more than a few days.
I'm delighted...
she's excited!

We began planning this trip last fall, and decided on Paris for 2 reasons.
First, we chose Paris because I have only traveled there once and it was a mishmash trip. I had to deal with a theft from my luggage and spent most of the week in the police station in the 18th Arrondissement. Filing a police report in French and then again in English takes time. Lots of time.
Secondly, we chose Paris because the mere mention of that city made my granddaughter laugh out loud and dance in circles on the spot. That's a good enough reason, I think!

My granddarling is an easy child to be with. She's funny, generous, extremely helpful and very thoughtful, so traveling with her will not be a hardship at all. Her first trip away from home was to Ireland and Wales last spring with her high school tour group, and she enjoyed it completely. So, it's a joy to be planning this trip with her, because she's so enthusiastic about being in Paris...AND London!

Slowtrav is my travel site, and my Slowtrav family have been incredibly generous in helping me with the many questions I've asked and the help I've sought. After posting a question on the France section of the message board, asking for help choosing the most suitable neighbourhood in Paris for us, the people on Slowtrav gave me heaps of great information. Finally, we chose the 6th Arrondissement, St. Germain., because it has an excellent variety of places to explore and great shops for us to enjoy.

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I haven't visited over to the French forum in a while - when are you going? I hope in the summer. One of the things I love about Paris is the extremely long days in the summer.

Nancy L:

Brenda, you are living my dream. My granddaughters are still too young to travel abroad with me - I pray that we can do this together one day. 'See you in Savannah!

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