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Blogs, and Then Some...

My friends on my favorite travel site in this Universe, Slowtrav, have made a pact with each other to blog every single day for a whole month!
Holy crapshoot!
They are all guts and glory, these bloggers.
That's a lot of writing.

The thing is this. I'm not sure that I have that much to say that anyone would want to read.
Also, it takes a huge amount of time for me. My penchant for editing, rewriting and spell checking triples the time it takes to write a piece for my blog.
And then, what if I miss one day?
Is that a failure?
Will they throw me out of the blog-a-day club?
I'd hate that a lot!

Still, I wish I'd been in the front door when they started this, the 1st of February.
Maybe, I'll jump into the pond with them the 1st of March...what do you think about that?
Brave, aren't I?

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We promised no flogging (or even berating) for missing a day. And some people went for the 30 consecutive days option, which means you've already got 3 days under your belt!

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