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Days Off, and Other Lovely Things

The joy of being self-employed is the ability to take days off whenever I want. No boss to tell me I can’t take time off, no time card to punch and no accountability for taking the odd petite vacation.

So, here I am in Vancouver for a lovely 6 day break…albeit a conference for my company coincides with this trip. That legitimizes the trip, if legitimization’s necessary.

The hotel gave me a huge and spectacular 11th floor room, overlooking the harbour…wrap-around windows allow me to go to sleep with the night lights of the city casting a soft glow over the walls. There is even a floor-to-ceiling wall-to-wall window in the tub/shower area…and, yes, I close the blinds before showering!

I’ve slept late in the morning, stayed up late at night.
I’ve spent the day with a friend, devouring a delish dill cream cheese/smoked salmon/watercress/onion and ground pepper panini at Thomas Haas’ little hideaway.
After the panini, we shared a perfect mango mousse cheesecake and a pear almond tart, finishing the meal with a large café latte for her and a steamed vanilla soy for me.

I’ve spoiled myself with a soothing hot stone massage and a perfect pedicure. I have a facial coming up in a couple of days. This is decadence for me…time for myself!
Time with no distractions to nibble away at a string of precious days off that I’ve carved out for myself.

Today, I walked along the seawall, found Cordera’s Seafood Café, and treated myself to a Seafood Wok with Fried Rice and a pot of green tea.
Tomorrow, I have 2 sessions that I will attend at the conference, then I’m taking the night off to have dinner with friends.

These are not huge and lavish things that I’ve done for myself. In my world, though, they are more than enough.

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