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Further Ado About Nothing

Seems like this year's travel consists of a lot of little jaunts, a few days here, a few days there.
That's vastly different from my usual "take a month off and get out of Dodge" trips in the past. Wonder if that has anything to do with a changing perspective due to a change in careers?

In the olden days, I'd work solid, month after month, until I was totally exhausted, then take a month off and spend the first 2 weeks catching up, sleeping, reading, vegging. Only after that would I actually begin my vacation.

The last few years, I've stopped working myself to death for nearly a year, and then sleeping for a week before beginning to enjoy my vacation. I've learned to take better care of myself, and to do that on a daily basis, not just when I'm burnt to a crisp and cannot take another step.

Now, I am learning to take little breaks, a few days here and a few more there. It seems to be working! So far, in the past couple of years, I haven't felt completely wasted at all, and I think it is all due to mon petite vacations.

So far this year, I've taken a few days off to visit my son in Guelph and my granddaughter in Pembroke, Ontario. Next week, I've booked a few days away from work and I'm going to spend those days in Edmonton, helping a dear friend celebrate his 40th birthday. I'm also taking another friend to the opening night of the Edmonton Opera Society's HMS Pinafore, compliments of my now 40 year-old buddy. Five days off, not traveling very far, but a mini-vacation, nonetheless!

After these days off, I've planned a 5 day getaway in Vancouver, to attend my company's awards ceremonies and conference. I'll spend a few days visiting friends in the city, in between the conference have-tos and must-attends.

Toward the end of March, I'm going to enjoy a couple of weeks in Savannah, Georgia for a North American get-together with Slowtrav's lovely members. Slowtrav is the best site in the internet Universe, and it has been the source for most of the incentive and direction that I've used to make my trips and vacations take shape.

So, lots of little vacations now, rather than one big whopper.
I think I've actually learned something really important about feeding my soul, resting my mind and my body and caring for myself in a loving and gentle way. It's about time, I'd say.

"The alternative to a vacation is to stay home and tip every third person you see." ~ Author Unknown

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