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More About My Book Club

My book club is made up of some varying and widely-diverse women. I'd like to introduce you to 3 more members...

One woman has been a member of our book club since the beginning. A brilliant woman, an incredibly gifted artist with a careful and thoughtful mind, she adds a different dimension to our group. When it is her turn to speak about the book of the month, she always gives a well-though-out commentary, with references to the storyline and with very definite opinions on what the author might have intended and why the author may have chosen this way of delivering the message to the readers. Well-read and emotionally connected to her soul, she more often than not shines a light on the emotionality of the book, something that the rest of us may have missed.

Another member of my book club wears a lovely and hard-earned badge of courage on her sleeve...surviving breast cancer not once, not twice, but now well into her third time, this lovely soul is a role model and an inspiration for all of us. Her very healthy sense of self translates into a deeply-felt and firmly-placed spirituality. There is no stone that she won't turn over in search of an answer to any question that life raises for her. She brings a healthy skepticism to our group and her silver-quick wit is present at all book discussions in our group. With no punches pulled, she can slice to the heart of the story and serve it up in a crystal clear form for us to digest.

Another woman who has been a member of this club since the beginning is more than willing to read any book chosen, even though she has her own beloved and favorite authors. When she is handed a book that is outside of her usual reading circle, she more than willingly gives it a try and more often than not, comes back to share with us how much she loved it. Besides her love of reading, she often shares her love of quilting with us...creating a beautiful piece of hand quilting gives her as much pleasure as reading a great book. With a wonderful sense of humour and a strong personal opinion about most things in life, she's a delightful and integral part of our group.

To be continued tomorrow...

"I've never known any trouble that an hour's reading didn't assuage." ~ Charles de Secondat

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