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My Book Club

There are 10 of us.
Vastly different in life experiences, often different in beliefs, thought processes and life skills.
The one commonality is our love of books and our ability to suspend our differences and spend an evening talking about our lives and finally, at long last, about the book we've just read.

One is a stay-at-home mom who is also a fantastic day home owner. I want to be a child in her home sometime down the road, if reincarnation is a reality. No one loves her little charges more than this woman. She's thoughtful, kind, open-hearted and as loving as all get-out. She chooses deeply personal books for her selection when it's her turn to choose. Every single book she has brought to us has been chosen because it has touched her heart or soul in some profound way. This woman finds the best in every situation and unequivocally looks for the roses in the garden, rather than the thorns. She shows us how to be a little bit more optimistic and a little less of a little grey cloud in the sky.

Another member is a funny, outspoken, irreverent and point-blank woman who can rock your socks with a great raunchy story or put you in your place with a well-honed word. She's lovely to look at, smarter than she knows and is the most amazing mother to her children. She often brings her book of the month to our meetings, looking a little less than it stepped directly from the shelf at Costco. The edges are limp, the pages curled...she's dropped it in another steaming hot bath! She always selects a book that has wound its way into her heart, and she wants nothing more than to share it with us in the hope that we will all be touched as deeply as she has been.

Our next book lover is younger than the rest of us and has been in our group only for a few months, but already she has had a profound impact on the energy in the room. Lively, enthusiastic, smart as anything...this woman has all of the energy and none of the negativity that so many people carry within their hearts. She is a delightful person and she's managed to change the interaction of our group with her presence. With small children at home, her hours for reading must be a precious few. Yet, she finds time to devour a good many books in a short amount of time, so I know she is setting aside book time for herself, somehow. When this woman chooses a book, she looks for something a little different, a little outside the norm, something with an edge to it.
Something designed to make us think, to stretch our imagination a little bit more. And, we do!

To be continued tomorrow...

"Having your book turned into a movie is like seeing your oxen turned into bouillon cubes." ~ John LeCarre

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