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What a pain!
Here I am in Savannah, Georgia with no internet.
My apartment's internet connection has been iffy, as best.
I've looked for an internet cafe here in Savannah, and there aren't any that I can find. So, I signed myself in at the public library and used a free computer for a few minutes.

Today, my internet connection has been restored.
I have been saved!
And, it's also Sunday!
Hallelujah, hallelujah.
Do you think this is God's way of reminding me of the important things in my life, more important than blogging, posting on my travel site and e-mailing my friends and family? D'ya think?

I'm one of the last hold-outs who refused to step into computer-land until a few years ago. I've been quite vocal at times about the amount of hours some folks spend on the internet and what a waste of time it is.

Now, I'm fearing that I might be one of them.
At least, you'd have thought so, if you'd been here to watch my breathless anticipation while waiting for my connection to be restored.

So, I have the internet back, I'm online, again...let the blogging begin!

"Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day.
Teach that person to use the Internet and they won't bother you for weeks."
~ Author Unknown

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I didn't know you were already in Savannah. Glad you got your internet back. I am lost without mine (yes I am an addict).

Me, too! Might as well admit it and carry on!
I'm happy beyond happy, because I was gettin' pretty bitchy without it!


I'd also be lost without my Internet connection!

And I'm counting on you, Brenda, for up-to-date reports on the Great ST Gathering! I wish I could be there.....

Another lost comment, Sandra!
Thank you for posting this!

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