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Mr. Lawson

Mr. Lawson is a client of mine.
He's 87 years old.
He grows corn that is 12' high, sunflowers that top the tape at 14' every single year and peas that grow 8' high, producing the most abundant crop ever seen in this area.

Mr. Lawson calls my office every few days to talk. He always greets us with this question, "Is this the land of the kind and gentle people?"
How can you not be kind and gentle to this man? I ask you, how?

Today, he stopped by for a visit. He's already planning this year's garden in his mind. He knows exactly how many rows of each vegetable he will plant, the days he will begin to sow his garden and which kind of seed he's going to buy.

Mr. Lawson is looking for another place to live. He's been in the same home for more years than I can remember. There is an oversized apartment building popping up right next door to his tiny bungalow and he's feeling the dark shadow of the problems that will come with more apartments next door to his side yard...already he has had middle-of-the-night drunks attempting to park, and driving their cars into his fence which borders the apartment parking lot.

He's s simple guy. All he wants is a quiet, safe place to rest his bones. I'm looking for something for him, with all my heart. I want him safe and sound. At his age, he deserves that, at the very least.

As he left my office this afternoon, he stopped, turned around and said softly, "Oh, one more thing...I have this tiny little kitten living with me now. I want a place where he is welcome. He's my friend, you see. He talks to me every morning and sits with me at night when we watch TV together. So, I can't dump him like some people do. I want a home for the two of us, if that's ok with you?"

If that's ok with me?
Mr. Lawson, that's the most ok thing that I can imagine for you.
I'll find a place where you both are welcome.
I will, I promise.
Some place that sits smack in the center of the land of the kind and gentle people.

"There can be no other occupation like gardening in which, if you were to creep up behind someone at their work, you would find them smiling." ~Mirabel Osler


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That is a great story. Mr. Lawson is a lucky man to have a friend like you!

And by the way, you are way more of a techie than I will ever be. I still can't figure out how to add a picture to my blogs. Shame....

Thanks so much!
He is a darling guy, tough as nails, not very tall and just a stick of dynamite! We love him so much and we are very protective of this golden soul.

Photos are easy...I'll email you with instructions!
Ciao ciao,

What a beautiful post! This one has me a little choked up. I hope you find the perfect home for Mr. Lawson and his kitten!

I hope so, too. You'd love this guy...he's a gentle soul and truly, he always asks us if this is the land of the kind and gentle people when he calls our office.
He has lead such an interesting life and he has the greatest stories to tell...amazing guy.
Ciao ciao,

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